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Thanksgiving wishes: 30 ideas for appreciating your loved ones

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Sending thanksgiving wishes and greetings to your loved one is a great way to tell them that you care so much about them.

Not only that, you can send a wish to your boss and colleagues at work. You are thinking it’s going to be a challenge, right? Well, you don’t have to be a worry. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, you can generate amazing ideas that will help you get started with writing a very thoughtful and heart-felt before Thanksgiving Day.

It needs not saying but you shouldn’t forget that Thanksgiving Day is beyond merry-making. You might not think so, but it will be very thoughtful of you to remind your loved ones that you care about them and the roles they have played in your life in the past year.

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So, in the spirit of celebration and gratitude, let’s talk about ideas for thanksgiving wishes.

5 Ideas for Composing Thanksgiving Wishes

1.     Build a list

Build a list for Composing Thanksgiving Wishes
Build a list for Composing Thanksgiving Wishes

Thinking that composing thanksgiving wishes could stop you from telling your loved ones how much you care about them. But nothing to worry about, this is how you start.

Begin by building a list of your loved ones. You could create this list on your phone, on paper, or a board in your room.

When you have a list of those you want to send thanksgiving wishes to, it becomes easier to map out whether you want to compose thanksgiving wishes for each of them or you want to group them into specific categories.

2.     Identify their roles in your life

2.     Identify their roles in your life
Identify their roles in your life

It’s usual to think there is nothing to be grateful for if you don’t think of the roles in which those in your circle have played in your life.

Against the name of each, strike the roles across. If you have decided that you are sending them customized thanksgiving wishes, it’s okay to mention one or two instances in which they have influenced you positively.

On the other hand, if you think grouping them is the best way, you should consider placing them under specific growth in your life and career where they played major roles.

The tip is not to try talking about too many things if you are sending a generic message. Trying to do this might require spending so much time to get the right words. And if care is not taken, you might lose interest. So, keep it focused.

3.     Incorporate Joke

Incorporate Joke
Incorporate Joke

In the spirit of the season, you don’t have to be too serious. There are a lot of funny things about the Thanksgiving Day that you can make them laugh about like plenty rice that you are expecting to eat, how you intend to dress like a clown, remind them of how it’s always fun to see your grandparents or even remind them of the favorite moment you both shared during the last thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day is too beautiful to be too serious.

4.     Make a list of Descriptive Words that Accent Celebration

Make a list of Descriptive Words that Accent Celebration
Make a list of Descriptive Words that Accent Celebration

We have often heard statements like “being short of words” while composing thanksgiving wishes. This happens when you don’t have the right words to use.

It makes thanksgiving wishes hard to do even though it’s not. The truth is that certain descriptive words make it easy once you begin your lines with them.

Every other thing just takes care of itself.

Some of the words that can help you get started with expressing yourself in the spirit of thanksgiving are grateful, warm, abundant, blessed, feast, loved, family/friends, peace, joy, comfort, appreciate, care, surrounded, and grateful, among others.

5.     Browse Thanksgiving Wishes Quote Online

5.     Browse Thanksgiving Wishes Quote Online
Browse Thanksgiving Wishes Quote Online

In case you are having a problem composing thanksgiving wishes, you can find quotes online for use. It’s easier to find quotes online which you can use as a suggestion and guide to preparing yours. On the other hand, if you are picking thanksgiving wishes pictures online, you should be sure that it’s free or paid and subject to copyright or not.

25 Thanksgiving Messages, Wishes and Greetings


Composing thanksgiving wishes is not as complicated as many think. If you are finding it hard to compose, you should use the tips discussed above.

You must have a list of thanksgiving-related words. You should have a list of people who mean so much to you as well and think of one or two things that they have done to influence your life and career.

What’s more? You don’t have to write long thanksgiving wishes. Be precise and don’t forget to tie jokes or any memorable moment around it.

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