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The blonde hair with highlights makes the look more luminous, sophisticated and glamorous. The lights can be in different nuances and you can abuse its versatility to achieve the desired tone. Check out beautiful photos with style and care tips so that the strands are beautiful and shiny. Follow the article!

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Taking care of blond hair is important to maintain the color, shine and silkiness of the strands. Check out valuable tips that will help you in this mission!

  • The lights tend to dry out the wires, especially the ends. Therefore, periodically moisturize your hair and choose a good tinting mask specifically for blonde and discolored hair. The product moisturizes the threads and eliminates the yellowish tone that appears over time.
  • Bet on shampoos and conditioners for blond hair, as these products help to neutralize the nuances of coloring.
  • The sun is an external agent that damages hair and changes the blond tone. So, invest in products with UV filter when you are exposed to the sun.
  • Mechanical agents, such as the hairdryer, flat iron and babyliss, dry out the blond hair. If it is not possible to avoid them, always apply a thermal protector from the length to the ends to prevent dryness of the hair.
  • After the discoloration process, the hair fiber becomes more porous and vulnerable to external damage. For this reason, it is essential to cut your hair frequently to prevent drying of the strands and split ends.
  • Following these tips, you will see that it is not so difficult to take care of blond hair and keep it beautiful, shiny and with a bright color.

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    50 photos of blonde hair with highlights

    The following is an incredible selection of blonde hair photos with lights that will make you want to change your look. Check it out:

    1. Blonde hair with highlights is one of the preferred choices

    Fernanda G Sena

    2. When it comes to redesigning the look

    Professional NB

    3. Because the tone provides a more youthful air

    Professional NB

    4. The lights give a special touch to blond hair

    Frann Beauty Center

    5. And they are perfect for lighting the wires

    Marcelli Bedendo

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    6. You can choose different shades


    7. You can bet on platinum lights

    Fabrício Kokotu

    8. In a more pearly tone

    Akira Sato

    9. Just like this long bob cut look

    Nunes flavor

    10. Blonde hair with highlights enhances the beauty of women

    Salao Rafael Carvalho

    11. Of women of all styles

    Bruna Nery

    12. And of all ages

    Paloma Borges

    13. Honey-colored lights have been very successful

    Matheus Nonato

    14. And it is among the most requested nuances in beauty salons

    Studio F. by Felipe

    15. It’s the perfect shade for making lights for the first time

    Casey James

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    16. Pearly highlights are the sure bet on blond hair

    Matheus Nonato

    17. Because it makes the strands brighter and more illuminated

    Palazzo Salone di Belezza

    18. And it creates an incredible contrast in the locks

    Junior Molina

    19. Very glamorous and sophisticated

    Cadiveu Professional

    20. The style of the lights will depend on the result you want to achieve

    Allure Hair Concept

    21. If it’s a more discreet look

    Chelsea Hair

    22. Brighter and more classic

    Pricila Hahn

    23. Or bright and modern

    Nataly Pereira

    24. Blonde hair with highlights allows for several possibilities

    Matheus Nonato

    25. And you can play with the tone of the lights

    ketlyn stimamilio

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    26. And choose the nuance that matches your blonde tone

    Jhonatan Decker

    27. See how perfect the platinum lights are!

    Jhonatan Decker

    28. Just like lights with golden reflections

    Salao Rafael Carvalho

    29. See more blond hair inspirations with pearly highlights


    30. Which illuminate the darker blond tone

    Matheus Nonato

    31. And highlights the lighter shades


    32. With the color that mimics the reflection of pearls

    Imério Hair

    33. And leaves blond hair with much more life

    Rafa beauty Studio

    34. Look how beautiful the curly blond hair with highlights!

    Lu Ferreira

    35. The lights look good on all types of hair

    Hair designer

    36. Blonde hair with highlights can have a smoky root

    Gislaine Prado

    37. To look more natural as the hair grows

    Gislaine Prado

    38. And don’t leave the root checked

    Chelsea Haircutters

    39. Bringing more naturalness to the look

    Salao Rafael Carvalho

    40. Blonde hair with highlights really charms for its beauty

    Matheus Nonato

    41. Due to its versatility


    42. And combination of different shades of blonde


    43. Be lighter tones

    Grazi Kaizer

    44. Or warmer, darker tones

    Kate Gracie

    45. Blonde hair with highlights brings youthfulness


    46. ​​And raises the self-esteem of mature women


    47. Renews the look of the most stripped down

    Casey James

    48. And empowered women

    Jhonatan Decker

    49. Blonde hair with highlights brings a range of options


    50. And it helps to renew the beauty of all women!

    Ricardo Ferreira

    As we have seen, there are several possibilities for blonde hair with highlights that make you want to change the look. Before doing this, check out shampoo tips for blond hair to keep the tone stunning!

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