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One of the most famous sex toys, the anal plug can be a great option for those who want to spice up the relationship and discover new pleasures. However, it is necessary to be attentive to some information before using the toy, such as the correct way to use it, how to sanitize it and among other things. In this text, we explain everything to you. Check out!

But, after all, what is the anal plug and what is it for?

Like any sex toy, the anal plug helps to arouse sensations during sex. According to sexologist Maria Beatriz Devides (CRP 08/22019), the anal plug is one of the most “democratic” sex toys, since it can be used by anyone with anus, and everyone has anus, regardless of gender / biological sex. It can be used both alone in masturbation and with partner, combining stimulation, such as, for example, along with vaginal penetration. In addition, the anal plug can also be used before anal penetration as an dilator. “Some people, in addition to using it in the sexual context, spend the day doing daily activities with the sex toy inserted, providing sensations, but it is not recommended that they remain for a long time, even more if you are starting in this practice”, says Maria Beatriz.

Okay, I understand what an anal plug is. Now, let’s go by parts

The general idea of ​​the butt plug you already got, right? But if you still don’t understand what its parts are, what they are for and what types of anal plug, don’t worry! We show you exactly how to divide this sex toy. Check the explanation of each part, according to the sexologist, and clear up your doubts:

Butt plug parts

  • Base: The base ensures that the sex toy is not sucked all the way into the anus and does not enter the intestine.
  • Neck: The neck is the thinnest part of the butt plug. As soon as the toy is inserted, the anus closes in this part of the sex toy, which helps to keep it in place.
  • Body: The body is the main part and its function is to generate stimulation and anal pleasure.

Anal plug types

  1. Non-toxic silicone: Made with a more resistant material, this type is the most suitable, should be used with water-based lubricant (not to damage the material).
  2. For starters: Ideal to invest in a smaller size, check how it feels and then go on varying in shapes and sizes.
  3. With plush syrup: The extra detail of this type of anal plug is due to the plush syrup, which can vary in color, size and coat types. The toy itself is the same as the traditional toy: with base, neck and body.
  4. With vibrator: The anal plug with vibrator gives extra pleasure at the time of the relationship, because as the name says, it comes with a rechargeable vibrator.
  5. With balls: This type of sex toy has balls of various sizes, the largest at the base and the smallest at the tip. It can vary in size and material.

Now that you know what each part of an anal plug looks like and what the most common types are, it becomes easier to choose the one that best suits your body and your interests!

How to use the anal plug without neuras and very safely

You already know what it is, what are the parts and types of butt plug. But, what about its use? Do you know how to use this sex toy for fun and pleasure? No? So, no neuras! Come here and we will explain to you and put an end to all your doubts.

Never used it, how do I start?


First, you need to be totally comfortable using this type of sex toy. Maria Beatriz recalls that it is a super common practice, but that there may be some pressure from the partnership. “No sexual practice should be carried out under pressure from the other person! You need to see if you really feel like exploring, getting to know new sensations. You will need to be relaxed, in a comfortable position, if it is the partnership that will introduce the toy, it is essential that there is confidence and freedom to stop the practice at any time you want (and this goes for any sexual practice). Talk about expectations and work on anxiety so that it is a pleasant and pleasurable practice ”, she reinforces.

Also according to the sexologist, a basic guideline is to use a lot of lubricant (preferably water-based), since the anus has no natural lubrication. Another very important point is not to use the famous desensitizers or pain-relieving products. After all, “pain is a response from our body when something is wrong, if it is hurting. It is dangerous for you to use a painkiller that will make you lose that notion, ”she says.

What is the ideal size?

It is very important to note that the issue of size varies from person to person. You must take into account body types, desires and tolerance levels. There is no point in challenging yourself and not being comfortable or feeling pleasure!

So, know your limit. What you like and what you don’t like. Thus, your experience with the anal plug will be much more pleasant and fun!

Important tips for you to get the most out of the anal plug


  • Be relaxed: As we said earlier, do not do anything under pressure! So, be very comfortable and relaxed, so it is easier to introduce the sex toy. Oh, and bet in positions that leave you very calm: on all fours (doggy style), on your side or sitting carefully on it. And, remember to use a good lubricant, okay?
  • Bet on more than one stimulation at the same time: In women, the plug ends up narrowing the vaginal canal and providing a feeling of pressure in the place, enjoy and bet on more than one stimulation at the same time. A really cool tip is to use a clitoral vibrator at the same time, as this increases this feeling of pleasure. Or while receiving oral sex. It can unite various sensations, other points of pleasure of the body and explore with the partnership what is most interesting for you, this can collaborate to reach the climax and potentiate the orgasmic sensation. In men, the plug can help stimulate the prostate, providing much pleasure and intense orgasm.
  • Take advantage of the pressure: This tip is combined with the previous one. But here we are going to be more specific! It is important to remember that many women like to use an anal plug while receiving oral sex, since at the climax, the orgasmic contractions around the toy can be more intense.
  • Leave prejudice aside: No, you don’t have to make the famous chuca (hygienic shower) to use the sex toy. With any anal penetration, there is the possibility of smells and feces coming out, but this probability is greatly reduced if you have already evacuated on the day, and depending on how your intestinal health is and what you ate on the day. If you feel more comfortable doing the “chuca”, remember to do it with water only, leave the soap to wash only the outer region, and do not do it too often so as not to modify the necessary bacterial flora of the place.
  • An ally in anal sex: Some women like to use this sex toy to prepare themselves for anal penetration with a penis or dildo. And let’s reinforce here, just make yourself comfortable, okay?
  • Do not share under any circumstances !: Never, never, in any way, EVER share your butt plug with others, avoiding the transmission of STIs. It is also worth emphasizing that if the plug is inserted into the anus, do not touch it to the vulva or insert it into the vagina, avoiding the transmission of bacteria. Wash thoroughly with water and mild liquid soap after use and store when dry. If you have an anal fissure or hemorrhoid, check with your proctologist for recommendations for this practice.

Using an anal plug requires that care! Follow each one, right, to have an incredible experience.

Where can you buy anal plug

Did you like the sex toy and now want to buy one? We have separated a list with 5 very cool sites for you to acquire yours. Just check it out:

  1. Simple anal plug, at Dona Coelha Store
  2. Anal plug with vibrator, at Shop Libido Store
  3. Butt plug in the Gall Shop
  4. Inflatable anal plug, at Miess Store
  5. Anal plug with balls, in Shop Libido Store

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