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There is no woman who as a child did not play dolls. All but all, we have played to change the clothes to the dolls according to the occasion. Surely you were fascinated by dressing them for events that you imagined, And, if you had a Barbie it was the best. This doll taught many the word good dress. His training meant that you will spend hours adjusting his wardrobe with accessories. In short, a game that left us a lot.

But, fashion trends have changed for a few years now. All famous designers rack their brains creating new approaches to highlight the female figure with a truly innovative outfit, with which they intend to mobilize millions of dollars for sale, as well as determine the differentiation between one and the other.


The time comes when they notify us of a social event. The cousin is getting married and it is gala. We have a cocktail party at work. You were invited to an Ambassador’s reception or, opera season is here. Our gaze is focused on the interlocutor or on the invitation; while in our minds we ask ourselves: what suit to wear, how am I dressed to be up to the event. What are the colors of the season; while nervousness begins to feel in the back.

With planning and silence, before we panic, we go to the closet and take out all our resources by putting them to bed. As in a kind of cinematographic flash back that takes us to the past; we started playing dolls. Now, we are the Barbies, the only detail is that our body has changed according to the number of children, being behind a desk or because we no longer exercise as much as before. On the other hand, maybe we are no longer as fans of fashion trends.


The truth is that a dress goes, another comes, we look in the mirror and we do not feel satisfied with what we see. And latent in our mind is the question: How do I dress for the occasion. In this article we are going to know some tips or advice so that you can always look beautiful, adjusted to the occasion and dazzling as you go.

Define the event


This is the first step, sine quanom, you must know if it is a wedding, a reception, a premiere, a cocktail, a business event or a graduation. You should always know the rules of good dress for every occasion. Let’s try an example: you are invited to a wedding, which will take place at night in a cathedral. Logically it is not recommended that you wear a white dress. You cannot compete with the bride. You can wear strong, sober colors at night. The dress must be long according to the indications of etiquette and well dressed. If it is a business or work meeting, amino blue or black will go very well, If you are going to use another color that is in its darkest hue, such as red. If you go to a graduation you can even attend a little more informal. For all the above occasions you can include sparkling details.

Take into account the place, time and season


Another variable to take into account when selecting clothing is knowing where the event will take place, what time it will start and the season. That is, if it is summer, winter, spring or fall. All these variables will define which suit to wear. Let’s see another case: let’s think that the wedding is going to take place in the spring, at 10:00 am in a garden. For this event you should not go with sequins and rhinestones and a long train. You’re just going to be out of tune. In this you should use pastel tones, a midi skirt suit and perhaps some detail in beads of the same color as the dress. Simplicity and freshness. If, on the other hand, if it is Summer, at 7:00 pm, then we recommend light, flowy fabrics, with deep necklines and a midi or long skirt with openings.

When silhouette, age, skin tone and size speak


It does not matter your figure, your age, or your size and much less your skin color if you know how to take advantage of your potentialities. It is always good to dress according to age and your physical characteristics. That is a universal rule of good taste and good dress. If you are young, you have much more freedom to use certain models than if we are already advanced in years. The same happens with color, if you are very white skinned, because nude or white are not the most recommended for any occasion. There we would recommend bright or intense colors to take advantage of the skin tone.

Now, the figure is a sensitive issue. Here we first recommend that you define what type of silhouette you look at. If you have an hourglass silhouette; type pear, apple or you are overweight. In this case, you must select the outfit that hides certain areas such as the hips, the bust and / or defines the waist. If you have a square waist, then you should wear a dress that makes you look slim. If you are short, you cannot wear very short skirts because you will reduce height.

Selecting the type of fabric


Logically, according to all the previous variables, you are going to select the type of fabric to make a dress. This is the last variable that defines what you are going to wear. It is not possible for you to attend a day wedding lined in golden Lamé. Or go to a christening in a velvet suit. All the variables come together and complement each other, giving you the necessary clues to select the dress appropriately.


Remember that elegance is in simplicity and good taste. Follow the steps that we have given you in this article and you will always be according to the occasion. Always elegant and admired. If you liked this article, send us your comments or, if on the contrary, you have a topic that you want to know, send us the title and we will gladly work for you.


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