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A cheese and wine night is a great idea to get friends together. Organizing a meeting with harmonization and wine tasting can be a simple task with the tips we have prepared for you. Come check out how to put together an amazing night with good wine and quality cheeses!

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Which cheeses to buy for cheeses and wines?

To start putting together your cheese and wine night, you need to know what types of cheese you should buy. It is important to choose cheeses of good quality that harmonize well with the wine you are going to serve. Follow our suggestions:

Brie cheese

Brie cheese is a very creamy noble cheese with a nutty flavor. To harmonize, opt for softer wines.


  • Chardonnay: as it is a softer cheese, it combines with wines made with Chardonnay grapes, of medium acidity.
  • Pinot Noir: red and smooth wine harmonizes well with brie cheese, as it leaves the palate very light and soft.
  • Merlot: as it is a more balanced wine, it is perfect for maintaining the flavor of brie cheese.


Despite having a very particular smell that many people don’t like, it is a perfect cheese for your wine night. It is a cheese with a more brittle consistency and not soft.


  • Port wine: to balance the strong flavor of gorgonzola cheese, opt for a port wine, which is sweeter.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: this more full-bodied wine can somewhat offset the strong taste of gorgonzola cheese. It is an option for those who do not want to drink a more sweet wine.
  • Malbec: another more full-bodied, dry wine, which will harmonize well with the strong flavor of gorgonzola.

Gouda cheese

Gouda is a softer, almost sweet cheese. It is considered a semi-hard cheese – that is, with little softness.


  • Sauvignon Blanc: the sweetest cheeses pair with lighter, more acidic wines to help cleanse the palate for the next tasting.
  • Riesling: is another option of fruity wine that will balance the milder flavor of Gouda.
  • Chianti: a wine with more juicy acidity, very striking, is a great option to pair with Gouda cheese.

Parmesan cheese

Parmesan is a cheese that spends years maturing to reach the peak of flavor. It has a harder shell and a more porous texture.

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  • Malbec: it is a perfect option to pair with Parmesan cheese, as it is a more woody and full-bodied wine.
  • Syrah: Syrah wine harmonizes very well with Parmesan cheese, as it has a more fruity background.
  • Chianti: the wine with a more striking finish is an option for those who want to harmonize the Parmesan cheese, mixing the flavors.


Despite being our great acquaintance and being present on a daily basis, mozzarella cheese is also perfect for a wine night. More affordable, it has great value for money.


  • Merlot: mozzarella cheese calls for softer wines, since the cheese has a very elastic and resistant texture.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: to balance fat, opt for light or medium body wine.
  • Chianti: this is an option for those who will use mozzarella cheese to brown some food. So, you bet on a wine that has a prominent flavor.

In summary, the general idea is to balance the flavors of cheeses and wines. The variety of cheeses is huge and you can try different combinations to create the perfect wine night.

Quantities: not to err or exaggerate

For a perfect cheese and wine night, it is important to pay attention to the amount of cheese and the drink you should serve. The ideal, according to experts and consultants, is 1 bottle of wine for 2 people. As for cheese, it is recommended to calculate that each person will consume 250g.

What else to serve with cheese and wine to spice up the evening?

Even with all these cheese tips to serve with wine, you can choose to add more appetizers and other foods. Check out our tips to make the tasting even more complete!



  • A toast with tomato and basil to pair with wines with hints of red fruits;
  • Pates are great options to pair with wines;
  • Artisan breads;
  • Polenta to match wines with earthy tones;
  • Artichokes for those who prefer sweeter wines.



  • To accompany an intense red wine, brigadeiros gourmets are a great option, since they are very sweet;
  • Churros to pair with more acid wines;
  • Chocolate strawberries enhance the taste of Port wine;
  • Coffee recipes, like frapuccino or tiramisu, combine with marsala wines;
  • Fruits go very well with lighter wines or with citrus notes.

Yes, there are several options to give that variety in the tasting menu. Organizing an appetizer board is a great idea. How about betting on one of these tips?

10 decorating ideas for your cheese and wine night

But how to set up an amazing table to make the evening more pleasant and cozy? We have selected photos that will make your mouth water and sharpen your creativity. Check out!

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1. This decoration is perfect for a more relaxed moment

Gabrielle Freitas

2. The boards bring a rustic feel to the moment

Monica Lima

3. You can choose a simpler decoration

Je Table

4. Or by a table set with all the necessary items

Kátia Souza

5. With details, utensil combinations and more

Dani Mesa Posta

6. Candles are perfect for a cheese and wine night

Thays & Gustavo

7. The whim is up to you

Our Ape 1501

8. The cheese and wine night is a good choice

Moninha Ribeiro

9. Be to receive friends

Vanessa Souza

10. Or for a romantic moment for two

Liliane Sousa

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Betting on a cheese and wine night with friends is getting the fun right. Tasting, harmonizing and making small talk is very good, isn’t it? And if you want to learn more about the drink, we have prepared a wine guide for beginners that will give you that little hand. Thus, the night gets even more professional!

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