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Karol Menezes

The modeled brush is a way to make the hair more malleable and with a different shape from the conventional one. Learn how to make this brush model and let your hair ready for any occasion and get inspired with wonderful photos.

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How to make patterned brush

How to make the wires get more movement with a brush? It’s simple. Some techniques can help to make the wires more modeled. Check out the tutorials full of tips we’ve selected for you:

How to make modeled brush alone

Leaving the wires modeled with the dryer is not difficult. Just brush your hair with the help of a large brush and then style with a very small brush. That’s the trick!

How to have modeled effect on the wires

This video will teach you how to achieve the modeled effect without using the dryer. Here, you will use the babyliss to leave the strands with the same movement.

The Short Hair Modeling Technique

Short hair requires a little more technique to be shaped. The video brings a tutorial to make the short wires more modeled and with movement, removing the smooth that the brush brings.

See how easy it is to make a brush with a patterned effect? You can also choose to use the rotating or styling brushes that already give that little help when making the brush.

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15 modeled brush pictures to inspire you and adopt the look

Now that you’ve learned how to make a patterned brush, it’s time to get inspired with the incredible selection of photos we’ve prepared. There are several models and sizes to leave you in love with modeled yarns.

1. The patterned ends look wonderful, give the wires an extra movement

Luiza Bezerra

2. The patterned wires can be discrete

Bianca Dacias

3. Leaving the wavy wires

Ana Gregory

4. The blend of smooth + wavy brings a power to the look

Rafaella Kalimann

5. The brush movement is incredible

Karol Menezes

6. Shaping the ends makes it clear the obvious


7. Short hair also looks amazing with a styled brush

Camila Coelho

8. Opt for a more natural ripple effect

Ju Romano

9. With a babyliss effect

Lu Ferreira

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10. Or waves

Nina Secrets

11. One of the advantages of this modeling is the practicality

Nicole Simone

12. And the elegance it brings to the look

Jenn Im

13. It is very versatile: you can make the brush for different occasions

Layla Monteiro

14. And it will bring sophistication to the look

Luciana Tranchesi

15. How can you not fall in love with this movement? We love!

Carolina Tognon

The modeled brush is a great idea to get out of the traditional and give a look up. If you want to dare, how about making a babyliss? It is also a way to make the strands with more movement and charm.

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