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Do you want to change the locks? The blue toner can bring the color you’ve always wanted for your hair. Learn how to use toner and what are the main products on the market. See the tutorials and tips that we have separated for you!

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How to dye your hair with blue toner

The toner is a great way to achieve the blue tone in your hair without using dyes. Check out the tutorials to get it right when painting the locks:

How to dye black hair blue

Although it seems impossible, you can dye your hair black with toner, yes! And you don’t even have to discolor. Check out the tips and video tutorial above!

Dyeing your hair blue with toner

Here, you will learn how to mix shades to achieve the desired blue. With the toner, you will achieve this incredible color.

Turquoise blue tint: how to dye your hair

Turquoise is a much desired shade and you can achieve color with toner. First of all, wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo and prepare the strands to receive the new color.

See how much easier it is to achieve blue hair? The tips are simple and will make your head up. How about betting on these techniques?

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The best blue toners

Are you in doubt about which shade to choose? We select the main products in the market, with great cost-benefit. Come check it out!

1. Yamá Blue Toner – $

The Yamá Fashion Color Fantasy toner is a product that promises a very vivid and strong blue in your hair.

“If I had to give a grade, I would grade 7. I thought the blue was really beautiful.” – Kevin Lopes

2. Blue Rock Salon Line – $

The Blue Rock Salon Line toner is a great product for anyone looking for good value for money. Without ammonia, it promises to leave the hair healthy. In addition to the shade shown in the video below, you will find the baby blue toner.

“It is true when the brand says that the product will leave the hair hydrated and shiny. The hair is very shiny and with a bright color. ” – Chayenne Martins

3. Creative Crazy Colors Alfaparf – $

A product that promises to hydrate the hair while toning, avoiding dryness. The color is vibrant and bright.

“His biggest advantage is that it lasts longer.” – Leya Aragon

4. Keraton Toner – $

Keraton has colored toners that promise to leave the threads with softer colors, the Hard Color line. In addition, the brand has neon blue tint, for those who are looking for more prominence.

“I really liked the color, but the hair was dry.” – Thalita Bédia

5. Blue Exotic Neon Shade – $$

A vivid and lasting color is what this toner promises. Made without ammonia, it can be used on all types of hair.

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“Exotic fantasy ink has a long life. Depending on the hair, it lasts for a few months. ” – Amy Laíze

6. Kamaleão Color – $$

The product brings different nuances to the hair, leaving it illuminated. Made without aniline, the toner will hydrate the hair.

“The product leaves nuances in the threads, which makes the reflections very different.” – Cassiane Goldberg

7. Misscolorful Blue Toner – $$

How about a vegan toner to apply to your hair? The Misscolorful product is made without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and is released for Low Poo.

“It penetrates a lot in the hair, gives a blue.” – Carol Kyoko

So, it’s hard not to surrender to the blue in the wires, isn’t it? And if you want to make the strands more colorful, check out more tips and inspirations for colored hair.

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