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Work, wedding, outing, party: several occasions ask for makeup for the day. And if it’s inspired by all the styles you’re looking for, you’ve just arrived at the right post. From the most natural proposals to the most elaborate ones, here you can see photos and tutorials. Prepare the make-up brush and come with us!

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10 makeup tutorials for the day step by step

Have you got your makeup kit around yet? Wonderful. In the videos below, you can find great suggestions for different daytime moments.

Day by day makeup for beginners

If you are not very familiar with makeup, this video is a good starting point: Ana Lídia Lopes shows a step by step of make-up in the style “I woke up pretty”. Who doesn’t love, right?

Makeup to wear at work

Want to vary the makeup you do to wear at work? This proposal presented by Bruna Malheiros is easy, versatile and made to last all day. How not to enjoy?

Make day for hot places

Some places that are so hot that they quickly take the makeup away … However, there are some tricks for the production to last longer, and Mariana Saad’s video brings great advice.

Make-up day by day for black skin

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Looking for a make up idea that values ​​black skin? This walkthrough of
Kenya Borges shows a beautiful, light and light proposal, perfect for daytime occasions.

Daytime party makeup

It is wrong to think that a makeup for the day cannot have color – especially if the occasion is a party. Gabi Ferreira’s tutorial is for beginners, and the result is beautiful.

Make elaborate for events during the day

A makeup for the day can be very neat and full of steps, yes! Above, Rayssa Eckert shows a make-up with shadow, contour and false eyelashes.

Make day for oily skin

Even those with oily skin can do a beautiful makeup for the day. And following some tricks, it is possible to increase the durability of the products on the face. Play to check it out.

Versatile makeup for daytime wedding

Shades of brown and bronze are good to use on special occasions during the day. In the video above, Vic Ceridono shows a makeup with light skin and mix of eyeshadows. Pure inspiration!

Colorful makeup for the day

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Are you adept at the phrase “more color, please”? So, you can not miss this suggestion of makeup with color for the day. The shade used by Jéssica Freitas is blue, but it is worth using the one you prefer.

Neutral makeup for black skin

With colorful lipstick and smoky eyeshadow, this makeup by Gisele Lopes is the way we love it: wildcard and great for highlighting strengths. Get inspired.

You may already be an expert in the art of making up makeup for the day, but it’s always good to check different options, isn’t it?

45 makeup photos for the day that are beyond versatile

Do you prefer a discreet or more flashy makeup? Color or neutral? For a working day or a beautiful event? Whatever your choices, here are suggestions for all styles!

1. There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to makeup for the day

Daianne Santos

2. It all depends on the occasion

Carolina Medeiros

3. Your style

Mill Pursey

4. And also humor

Laulanne Cecilia

5. After all, there are days when we want something more basic

Venezia Cruz

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6. And in others, complete production

Camila Coelho

7. With the right to the illuminator

Amanda Khamkaew

8. E colored outline

Julia Rodrigues

9. Colors, by the way, are welcome for make day

Alyssa Cortez

10. Be in the shade

Oh its Breee

11. In lipstick

Amanda Carneiro

12. Or wherever you want!


13. Looking for makeup options for day wedding?

Râmida Hélen

14. There are many possibilities

Yngrid Dias

15. A touch of brilliance

Ketlin Vanessa

16. A make-up in shades of pink

Thainá Paulino

17. Here, a delicate and radiant version

Ramonna Lamb

18. The way a daytime wedding asks

Carol Perillo

19. The gloss gives a cool effect on makeup for everyday life

Thelma Assis

20. Subtle shine

Leticia Maria

21. But what makes the difference in the look

Vjosa Pacuku

22. The gloss can also go in the eyes

Isabella Milanezi

23. The face of summer!

Ana Flávia Costa

24. Red lipstick for daytime makeup? Of course yes

Lauryn A.

25. The highlight can be on the lips

Priscilla Lira

26. But it’s worth looking into the eyes if you want

Ellen Kaline

27. It is a perfect outline that speaks, right?

Sofia Zani

28. Another proposal for the day: make up smoke

Julia Adams

29. Can be discreet and casual

Caroline Pannaci

30. Or more flashy and shiny

Airam España

31. For those who love neutral tones, the versatility of brown

Thainá Paulino

32. The brown eyeshadow is elegant

Stephanni make up

33. And brown lipstick is pure glamor

Anne Figueiredo

34. The combination of the two is certainly successful

Antonia Oliveira

35. Even in daylight, it’s worth daring

Nina Dollybird

36. Use the colors you love

Jameelat Bakare

37. And experimenting with new ways of makeup

Julia Pompilio

38. Orange tones look amazing during the day

Camila Bravo

39. Just like those outlined with color

Maria Eugênia Ganem

40. The pink outline is one of the darlings of the moment

Thais Saints

41. But it’s worth using the color you like the most

Julia Helena

42. Even white

Gabriele Angels

43. Be a makeup for the simple day

Niina Secrets

44. Or something well thought out

Mari Maria

45. The important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful!

Soraya Rocha

Do you want to make a production for the day that is aligned with the main trends? Be sure to check out this guide with pictures and tutorials of graphic outlines!

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