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Ultimate Guide To Having The Perfect Diy Christmas Trees

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Perfect DIY Christmas trees decorations are one of the fondest moments that you can spend with your families and friends. Spending time to decorate Christmas trees is the trend.

Really, it may be about having no money to buy a read-made Christmas tree. It is more about making the holiday special by trying your hand on a special project at the end of the year.

There is no limit to what you can do to create a Christmas tree. You can use paper, wood, washi tape, and even books.

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Are you ready? Get ready to learn about our ultimate guide to the DIY Christmas tree.

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 6 Ultimate Guides To DIY Christmas Tree

1. Use Beer Bottles

This is going to be one of the amazing mind-blowing DIY Christmas trees. All you need to get a DIY Christmas tree is power tools and bottles of beer.

You can begin to collect beer bottles from your friends when they visit. When they come visiting, they will be surprised at how much you have and you can even get them to join you in building your bottles of beer into a Christmas tree.

To do this, line up the bottles on a frame. And to make it more colorful, wrap Christmas lights around it.

Some of the resources you need are about 45 bottles of beers, wood screws, Christmas lights, a staple gun, and so on.

Beer Bottles

2. Recycled Newspaper

When it comes to the DIY Christmas tree, there is no limitation. Like we have said above, you can use paper, wood, washi tape, and even books.

So, how can you command attention making DIY Christmas tree with recycled newspaper? The resources you need include chicken wire, about 13 thick shredded newspapers, non-toxic paint, great tree branches, and Terra cotta planter, among others.

Recycled Newspaper

3. Books

Apart from dogs, books are humans’ best friends. Those books you have read and are thinking of dumping at the back of your garage can be used for a Perfect DIY Christmas tree.

You can open the books and arrange them on top of each other in an inverted format. Then you can wrap Christmas banner or place garlands on the top of the wall where you have designed the books as a Christmas tree.


4. Egg Cartons

Toward promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, this DIY Christmas tree makes the world a better place. Instead of wrongfully disposing off your egg cartons, you can use them as a Christmas tree.

So, forget about the huge and expensive Christmas tree, this is going to blow the mind of your visitors.

With the power of imagination, there is so much that you can do with just papers and egg cartons. Stack the egg cartons up like you are building a tree. You should also apply your crafting skills here if you have any. Or you can bring in a friend who knows about arts and crafts.

Egg Cartons

5. Wire Coat Hangers

With just 6 wire coat hangers, you can execute this DIY Christmas tree. And you can decorate it as you like using Christmas lights, candle lights in snow-like jars, and so on.

To do this, arrange about 6 wire coat hangers to appear like a tree. Using a pipe cleaner, you should tie the hangers together.

Once you are done, wrap your Christmas garland around the frame until it is covered up to your taste. And don’t forget about wrapping candle lights around it and placing a star on the top.

Wire Coat Hangers

6. Drifted Woods

You want to execute a DIY Christmas tree using drifted woods, here you are. Now is the time to be creative and have fun with your families at the beach if you are dwelling on the coast.

All you have to do is take a stroll along the beach to gather some. And once you have done laying and putting up your driftwoods, you are at liberty to decorate with seashells, silver balls, tarts, candles, and garlands, among others.

Drifted Woods

25 Easy and Cute DIY CHRISTMAS TREE 


DIY Christmas trees costs little or next to nothing. You don’t need to spend a fortune acquiring a Christmas tree anymore. Christmas tree is the trend and you shouldn’t miss out.

You can use your favorite items and even those things you are thinking of dumping like books, newspapers, and even drifted woods that we tend to take for granted.

And why won’t you tap into the Perfect DIY Christmas tree when you recycle some materials and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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