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By Gabriela Naomi

On March 28, 2001

Have you looked for techniques and recipes to stimulate hair growth? In this text, we will learn about the capillary inversion technique and find out if it really works. For this, we spoke with the trichologist Rhayssa Oliveira to learn all about the procedure. Read on to find out more!

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What is capillary inversion

Capillary inversion consists of placing the head down to promote hair growth. “The technique states that inverting the head increases circulation and nutrition to the scalp,” says Rhayssa.

Does capillary inversion really work?

According to the trichologist, there is no scientific proof of effectiveness on capillary inversion. “Knowing the human body and the structure of the scalp, we need to understand that it is highly rich in blood vessels and specific cells. Therefore, simply standing upside down will not cause the necessary nutrients to act faster on the hair follicle. ”

In addition, the circulation of the scalp is composed of a microcirculation that works normally, regardless of the position of the head. However, massaging this microcirculation can stimulate hair growth. “There are procedures with scientific support and security, such as the example of hair massage and vegetable and essential oils”, says the professional.



Capillary inversion can cause serious health problems. This is because, when standing upside down to perform the technique, there is a change in blood flow, aggravating some health problems of those who are predisposed. According to the trichologist, “people with cardiac history, nausea, vertigo, labyrinthitis, eye and columnar problems can present health problems due to changes in the normal flow of the body system”.

Finally, Rhayssa makes a recommendation: “a final tip is to remember that the scalp is skin, we must maintain a good care routine […], a healthy lifestyle, as our hair follicle is linked with our entire body system. ”

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