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For those looking for better skin, you have certainly heard of the LED mask. The use of this type of treatment has grown a lot, leading many women to want to better understand the benefits of the mask. Therefore, we consult a dermatologist who will explain how it works and the benefits for the skin.

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What is an LED mask?

According to Dr. Lívia Maria Camargo (CRM SP-189909), dermatologist, the LED mask is an object that emits light particles with wavelength that penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of cellular energy. This procedure started to be developed for dermatological use and for other cases, but initially it was used for pain treatments after surgery.

Types of LED mask

As the interest in LED masks grew, the market started to market this product. Therefore, there are two types of masks: the one for professional use, used in doctor’s offices and hospitals; and domestic use, sold in stores and which need to be registered with ANVISA, in order to guarantee the quality of the product. There are also different types of LED light:

  • Yellow color: this color stimulates a cell called fibroblast, which helps in the production of collagen and elastin. It acts on facial flaccidity and promotes skin rejuvenation.
  • Blue color: the blue one has antibacterial effect. Thus, it is indicated in acne treatments, but it also helps to soften and lighten skin spots and spider veins.
  • Red color: the red one has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect, in addition to stimulating collagen production by the body.

However, Dr. Lívia says that for treatments that are effective and scientifically proven, the procedures must be performed in offices and hospitals. Since in these places specific machines are used, with correct energy levels and adequate light for treatment. Therefore, the search for a professional is important so that due care is observed.

LED mask questions

As this procedure has taken great proportions, especially in the world of beauty, it is normal to have doubts. Therefore, we took the main questions about the LED mask so that they could be answered by Dr. Lívia:

What is the functionality of the LED mask? The mask emits particles of light that stimulate the production of cellular energy. As a result, these emissions cause vasodilation that activates local oxygenation.

How does LED treatment work? The LED was initially developed for the treatment of pain in surgical wounds, soon it was found that patients also showed improvement in healing in this region. This result is achieved because some frequencies of light are able to activate and balance cells responsible for inflammation and collagen control during healing.

Is LED mask good for melasma? According to Dra. Lívia, the mask with blue light helps when it comes to soften and lighten spots and spider veins of the skin. However, in cases of larger spots, such as melasma, it is necessary to combine it with other treatments to achieve better results.

Can you use the LED mask at home? Masks for non-professional use are developed in order to cause the least amount of problems, but nothing 100% guaranteed. Therefore, Dr. Lívia does not advise the use of this type of equipment outside offices and hospitals, or without guidance from a dermatologist.

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Are there any side effects to using the mask? Side effects on the skin are very rare, but it is still recommended to perform such procedures with professionals and in places such as clinics and offices.

The LED mask is a treatment that has many advantages for the skin, when done in appropriate places and under the supervision of a professional. Despite the growth and development of masks for home use, this equipment does not have the efficacy and safety that those for professional use have.

Risks and care with the LED mask

For treatments carried out in specialized clinics and hospitals, the procedure poses no risk. Regarding LED masks for home use, Dr. Lívia believes that side effects with skin use are rare. However, she warns of the risk of equipment overheating, emitting UV light that can cause skin burns.

Experiences with LED mask

For you to see in practice the functionality of the LED mask, we have separated the experiences of women who have made use of this tool. As said by Dr. Lívia, it is advisable that you use this mask with the guidance of your dermatologist, so that you will have a safe and effective treatment.

What are the effects of the led mask

Youtuber Lu Ferreira tells a little about his experience using the LED mask. She talks about her first contact with this treatment and what she has found after making more intensive use at home.

After 1 month of use know the results

Youtuber Bruna Harmel talks about the effects she felt after 1 month of using the mask, after suffering from acne for a long time. Check out her impressions about the treatment and the results it shows on the skin.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of the mask

Want to know if the mask used at home is for you? Youtuber Cinthia Ferreira pondered the positive and negative points after trying the LED mask.

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Know the difference between the mask and the professional equipment

Were you curious to know the difference between the home LED and professional equipment? Beautician Melanny Cindy made a complete video on YouTube asking questions about this topic, in addition to addressing the effectiveness of LED masks that are sold in the market.

Every day, dermatological treatments have grown and developed, in order to benefit us with efficient results. However, always be aware of the ways of use and the need to seek a professional before performing any procedure. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin, check out the essential care for perfect skin.

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