We give you the best decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day. Dress up your house party.


Don’t deprive yourself! Celebrate Valentine’s Day the way you like it: with decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day that will add a touch of romance to your home.

Decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day, party at your house!

If you are one of those who enjoys special celebrations: be it Christmas, Halloween or Father’s Day, you have on February 14, Valentine’s Day, one of the best known and most popular holidays. Why not give your home a fun touch that transforms it, even if only for 24 hours? Here are some decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make you fall in love …

In the hall, inflatable hearts

decorative ideas for Valentine's Day
Source: Ginger Ray

You are sure to surprise your partner if you fill the hall or the entrance of your house with a bunch of balloons red heart-shaped. It’s an excellent welcome! You can also put them in the bedroom, on the bed, to remind her of what you love her. It is an infallible decorative resource that does not require a large financial outlay or a lot of preparation time. You will only need good lungs …

Dress your “wedding” chairs

decorative ideas for valentine
Source: Ginger Ray

If you want to celebrate a special evening as a couple by preparing a romantic dinner in your own home, create an atmosphere conducive to it, set a nice table and decorate your chairs in a special way. Some decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day: put some vegetal motif on the backrest, some colorful bows … or some ornaments of macrame as cool as these. In addition, you can reuse them as many times as you want and in all kinds of events, they are luxurious!

A crown on the door

Decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day don’t have to be so impressive that they will blow the mind of the love of your life. It is okay to surprise, but something as simple and delicate as a plant wreath similar to this image from Pixabay may be enough to add a few drops of romance to the house during this holiday.

You find them in any decoration store or in nurseries and garden centers already prepared. But we give you a trick to customize them: add some detail yours, for example a photo … to create a wink of complicity with your partner.

Candles, they always work

decorative ideas for Valentine's Day
Source: Viadurini

They are wild card accessories and make any space magical. In the wide repertoire of decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day, candles could not be missing. Decorate your home with them and success will be guaranteed. You can place them on a table, forming a nice still life, on the steps of the stairs, on the windowsill or, as in this image, in containers with water: floating candles are perfect inside the home and they also look great in your garden or terrace. Even if you like crafts, make your own DIY candles.

Flowers, many flowers

Impossible to celebrate Valentine’s Day without flowers. They are a great gift and in addition one of the best decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can choose bought flowers, wild or seasonal and combine them with green branches: thus the bouquet or the cI enter will have color and volume. Also, if you add a variety with a scent, such as eucalyptus, or like the lilacs in this photo from Pixabay, you will add a pleasant smell and refresh the environment.

Red roses, symbol of love

Of all the flowers, red roses have always represented the symbol of love, lovers, passion, fire … But regardless of their symbolism, they are one of the most beautiful and striking varieties and enhance any corner.

On February 14, bring red roses to your home. You can opt for a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers placed in a stylish vase, a center made up of only buds arranged in a shallow container, or you can simply put a couple of roses in a cut crystal vase, as seen in this photo from Pixabay: although it may seem small, they are beautiful and transform an entire room …

You already know, to attract love to your home, nothing like these decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day. They are fun, full of color … and love.

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