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by Erika Balbino

On 07.10.21

The brow dandruff can cause discomfort and even embarrassment, after all, this peeling can seem like carelessness or lack of hygiene. However, the condition is very common and there is treatment. To talk more about the subject, dermatologist Dr Giovanna Mori Almeida (CRM 157235), from Hospital Albert Sabin, mentioned the causes, how to prevent and treat the problem. Follow the matter!

Eyebrow Dandruff: Everything You Need to Know

According to the dermatologist, “seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition and occurs in areas rich in sebaceous glands, such as the face, eyebrows and scalp.” She informed that the eyebrow is a hairy area of ​​the face, where this type of scaling is very common and that the cause is not fully known. But the doctor explained that “inflammation can be genetic in origin or triggered by external factors.” Below are some of these factors:

  • Emotional stress;
  • Low temperature;
  • Alcohol and Medicines;
  • Excessive oiliness.

In addition to the causes mentioned above, Dr Giovanna informed that the “presence of the fungus Pityrosporum Ovale can also cause the condition.”

What to do to avoid the problem


The dermatologist explained that to prevent dandruff on the eyebrows “we must adopt a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of food and general skin care.” For her, some measures are important to control the oiliness of the face, such as avoiding “the use of very hot water in the bath and keeping the emotional balance.” In addition, the doctor warned that smoking is another factor that can significantly worsen the oiliness of the skin.

How to treat brow dandruff

Measures such as washing your face twice a day with cold water and a soap suitable for your skin type, removing makeup before bed and moisturizing the skin with an adequate product, help in this process. “It is very common for women to use pencil on the eyebrows, but when washing the face, this region is forgotten, leaving residues of the product between the hairs”, informed the dermatologist.

In cases of treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, Dr Giovanna explained that “it involves soaps with specific substances such as salicylic acid and sulfur, for example. But we also use antifungal creams and ointments, corticoids, among others.” She stressed the importance of consulting a doctor to assess each case and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Because, the treatment is individualized and using a product without medical indication can worsen the desquamation picture.

As mentioned in the article, it is important to follow the guidelines of a professional, in this way, it is possible to control and eliminate dandruff on the eyebrow. Enjoy and learn everything about oily skin, its characteristics and necessary care.

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