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Hair removal has been a great option for those who want to keep their hair straight with practicality. The technique promises to smooth and treat the hair without damaging the capillary structure. We talked to the hairdresser and tricologist Arivalda Oliveira, who told us about the procedure, care and potential contraindications. Follow the article!

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What is hair exoplasty?

The tricologist informs that, in this procedure, “a grade 2 product is used for hair straightening. The technique smooths the strands, without damaging them, through the active Kup ® (Keratin Ultra-Peptides). This component treats and reconstructs the hair fiber. ” Although it does not contain formaldehyde or formaldehydes, Anvisa recommends that the product used is registered, as irregular products can cause severe damage to hair, scalp and cornea.

Disadvantages, care and contraindications of capillary exoplasty

Arivalda advises that “it is important to carry out the procedure with a professional with knowledge of application techniques, neutralization of the product’s action and break time. The product used contains an acid pH (hydrogen potential), so, after performing the capillary exoplast, if the client chooses hair straighteners called cold (guanidine, thioglycolate, etc.), one must wait from 8 months to 1 year, in order not to run the risk of getting chemical hair cuts. ”

Doubts about hair exoplasty


As with other capillary procedures, there are many doubts about the technique applied in capillary exoplasties. Check out the main ones and find out if the procedure is right for you:

  • Can pregnant women perform hair removal? “According to the information provided by the manufacturer of the product used, there is no impediment”, informs Arivalda. However, we emphasize the importance of consulting the doctor to assess each case.
  • How long will the procedure last? It lasts about 3 months, requiring maintenance to keep the wires smooth. It is important to note that durability depends on each person’s daily care routine.
  • What is the difference between capillary and progressive exoplasty? The trichologist explains that “the application method is the same used in the progressive procedure, including the number of times that each strand must be flattened to smooth the strands. The difference is that the product used for hair removal does not contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde. ”
  • Can it be performed at home? “As it is a grade 2 product and classified as professional use, I do not advise”, warns Arivalda.
  • Is there a recommendation for the effect to last longer? As mentioned above, it depends on the weekly care routine and, mainly, if the person will do other combined treatments. This can reduce the durability of the procedure.

Although the product used in hair removal does not contain formaldehyde and is not toxic, it is important to use it with caution and always by a qualified professional.

Experiences with hair exoplasty

We selected videos that show the experiences of vlogueiras who opted for the technique and did not regret it. Follow below!

Revolutionary technique without formaldehyde

For those who have wavy hair and want to make them more aligned, the technique is perfect. It leaves the hair very natural and with an incredible shine. Watch the video!

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Smooth and treated hair with capoplasty

In this video, the vlogger Josi shows what it was like to change the traditional progressive for the treatment of hair exoplasty. Are you interested in the result? Be sure to watch the video!

Capoplasty on blond hair

Exoplasty is very suitable for dyed or natural blond hair, as it does not damage the hair or change the color. Follow in the video how the procedure is done and see the result!

Before and after capoplasty

In this video, the vlogger talks about how the exoplasty treated the dryness of her hair, leaving it shiny and smooth with a natural aspect. It shows the before and after the procedure. It is worth checking!

More than a smoothing procedure, hair exoplast replaces keratin and revitalizes the hair, making it a great treatment option for your hair. Enjoy and learn more about hair therapy and its benefits!

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