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With the hectic routine and life, the tendency is that tiredness takes over. To combat the problem, yoga nidra can be a solution. This is a yoga practice focused on relaxation, ideal for those looking to restore their energy. Want to know more? Read the full article with information from yoga instructor Bruna Bali.

what is yoga nidra

According to Bruna, yoga nidra can be translated as “yoga sleep” and is also called “progressive relaxation” in the West. The technique consists of entering a state of consciousness where the body is totally relaxed, in a state of deep sleep, but still awake, in order to repair and restore the nervous system. Still, according to the professional, “although this state can be reached alone, it is more common and easier through a guided meditation”.

What is yoga nidra for?


“Since relaxing is not a simple task, yoga nidra is usually performed after practicing the postures, which help to release tension and bring the mind to the present”, points out Bruna. In addition, it is practiced in a comfortable lying posture and the instructor explained that “in cases of anxiety, yoga sleep can be used to induce relaxation and thus achieve a more peaceful night’s rest”, avoiding insomnia .

The yoga instructor believes that the main function of the technique is to promote a state of relaxation where the body can regenerate itself. This is because, just as the body restores and renews energy during night sleep, so does yoga sleep. “The most incredible thing is that 15 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to 1 hour of sleep”, says Bruna. In addition, according to Bruna, “the body’s cells are only restored during moments of relaxation, as they are unable to renew themselves during moments of stress”. That’s why practice is so important!

The main benefits of yoga nidra

  • Assists in the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses and mental disorders;
  • Collaborates in the treatment of insomnia;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Lowers stress levels;
  • Elevates levels of dopamine (wellness hormone);
  • It reduces body aches by reducing accumulated tensions;
  • Increases creativity and aids memory.

These are the main advantages of the practice of yoga nidra, indicated by yoga instructor Bruna Bali. From this information, you can see that this is a very interesting technique, right?

How to do yoga nidra

The sequence of videos has classes that can help you start the practice of sleep yoga. Watch and relax!

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation

The video features a yoga nidra class so you can reach deep relaxation with the help of the yoga teacher. Lie down comfortably, release play and close your eyes… now just enjoy!

Yoga nidra for sleep

This is a short yoga nidra class to sleep well! Achieving deep relaxation can go a long way towards getting a long, restful night’s sleep. Start practicing today!

Meditation or yoga nidra?

If you want to know the difference between yoga nidra and meditation, this is the right video for you! Oh, and still enjoy a powerful relaxation practice.

Yoga for deep relaxation

Follow this 25-minute class to induce relaxation and achieve restorative sleep. Click on the video and feel your body and mind calming down… enjoy and recharge your energy.

Take advantage of the tips and enjoy the yoga sleep technique! To learn more about yoga and practice wherever you want, check out these online yoga channels.

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