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If you like to keep the strands always in place, without making them look heavy, the hair mousse is ideal for you. Find out more about their effects and what are the best products available on the cosmetics market. Check out the tips we’ve separated to help you choose yours!

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What is the effect and when to use mousse on hair?


The hairdresser Eva Motta, from the Evolution Hair salon, explains that “the mousse is ideal to use before styling, as it helps to fix them. In addition, it can be used on any type of hair, especially curly, curly or wavy, as it helps to shape, fix and define curls and waves for a perfect finish. ” The product also acts as a thermal protector and protects against the heat of the dryer.

There are mousses of light, medium and strong fixation – the choice will depend on the result that the person wants to achieve. Those with a light fixation make the threads more malleable and are formulated with conditioning ingredients; those with medium fixation shape and define the threads; those with strong fixation leave the threads more settled and are perfect for finishing hairstyles.

Top 7 best mousses for hair

Check the list of the best products, based on the evaluation of bloggers, and find out which will be the best mousse for you. Follow:

1. Detangling Mousse Fixing – $

The product untangles the hair easily and shapes the strands without making them look heavy. It is easy to apply, due to its foam consistency, and does not leave greasy threads.

“It gave volume to my curls, it didn’t get dry, as it happens a lot when I use mousse. It really shapes the hair, but it doesn’t last long. ” – Capturing

2. Moisturizing Shaping Mousse – $$

The Aspa mousse shapes, moisturizes, nourishes the hair and balances the volume of the strands. Promotes shine and silkiness, leaving the locks looking natural.

“The product leaves the hair with less volume and soft. It is very simple to apply and is suitable for all types of hair. ” – Yashmin Valente

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3. Mousse Gloss Charming Detangling – $$

The product, besides helping to untangle the strands, was developed for use on damp or dry hair and to control volume and frizz.

“The effect is more natural, in addition to being easier to manipulate, because it is not sticky, it does not dry out the hair and makes it look very natural. However, it is not for those who want to hold wide or tight curls, that is, to keep hairstyles. ” – Bkrla Blog

4. Amend Volume Plus Capillary Mousse – $$

Amend’s mousse provides volume to hair from root to tip and helps replenish essential nutrients and amino acids.

“The product is very fragrant and really provides a light texture at the end of the hair. I felt that the product spreads well, but does not yield much. I was very surprised by the result, the hair was super defined and with movement. ” – Luiza Maia

5. Mane Mousse Curl Maker Widi Care – $$$

Indicated for curly and curly hair, this product was developed with 100% vegetable actives. The mousse promotes shine, hydration and definition in the hair for up to 48 hours.

“It is possible to notice that, with the help of the mousse, the hair was with the most accentuated waves. You feel that the hair is more styled and the hair is not dull. ” – Standing wig

6. Revlon Professional Shine Texturizer Mousse – $$$

Formulated with lactic acid, creatine and panthenol, it is a finisher for dull, fine and lifeless hair. Provides strength, shine and volume, strengthening the hair fiber.

“One thing I was really amazed at was how soft the hair was, even more than it was before. It helps to hold the wavy shape of the wires and still gives a lot of softness. Zero of stiff or lifeless hair! ” – Bia Munstein

7. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Revive Hair Mousse – $$$$

Developed for curly, curly and wavy hair, the John Frieda mousse restores and enhances waves and curls. In addition, it reduces frizz and provides light fixation, allowing natural hair movement.

“Many products that I tested made my hair too hard, others dried out the hair and left a straw! But John Frieda’s mousse does not dry out, my curls are much more closed and defined. So, I think it’s a great product for wavy waves that want more marked curls or waves. ” – Gladis Vivane

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Now that you know the best mousse for hair, it is important to learn how to use it to obtain an incredible result in your locks.

How to use hair mousse correctly

Next, check out videos that show how to use the mousse and have valuable tips to achieve a perfect result in your hair:

How to shape and give volume to hair with mousse

Blogger Jessica Belcost teaches how to knead and shape the threads, as well as giving tips on how to apply the product in a simpler way. Watch the video!

Beach hairstyle with mousse

Who doesn’t like a light and versatile hairstyle to go to a party on the beach, right? With this video, you learn how to leave your hair with natural waves and with that beachy look. It is worth checking!

Finishing pixie hair with mousse

Learn how to add volume to the shortest strands by watching this video. See how easy, fast and the result is incredible.

Curly hair finished with mousse

Many curls are replacing some types of finishers with mousse. Follow, in the video, how the result is perfect, with well defined curls and with the help of the diffuser.

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How many advantages does hair mousse provide to locks, isn’t it? Enjoy and discover the secret of hairdressers to cut curly hair and rock in style!

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