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Cold wax is practical for those who want to remove hair at home. However, as with any other method of hair removal, it is necessary to pay attention to certain precautions so as not to hurt the skin. Dermatologist Renata Marques (CRM 814717 | RJ RQE Nº 20486) clarified the main doubts on the subject. Check out:

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What is cold wax for

The dermatologist comments that “the cold wax serves to remove the finest hair and has a great advantage as to the possibility of being used at room temperature, being a faster and more practical method.” She also explains about the difference in relation to the hot wax, which is in not relaxing the hair or dilating the pores, being, therefore, more aggressive to the skin.

How to use cold wax: doubts and care you need to take


For Renata, cold wax is not always the easiest or recommended method. It is a very painful form of hair removal. The dermatologist also brought more details about the care when using the wax and clarified the most common doubts. See below:

1. What precautions are important when using cold wax? Renata explains that, in this method, the hair must be long, about 0.5 cm, and must be thinner. In addition, he points out: “the remains of hair removal need to be removed with a specific product, the oil remover.” She says that you should not use oils or moisturizing creams immediately after shaving, to avoid skin irritation. He also mentions exfoliation, which should be done “as soon as the hair grows to prevent it from becoming ingrown.”

2. Can you use cold wax on your face and groin? The dermatologist explains that cold wax can be used on the face and groin, despite being a painful method for both regions. It also reinforces the question of hair thickness. If they are too thick, they may end up not coming off easily or causing a lot of pain during epilation.

3. Who is recommended to use cold wax? For the dermatologist, anyone can use this method of hair removal. Renata mentions one more detail: “cold wax is indicated for those who have varicose veins or poor circulation.”

4. Are there any contraindications? Yes. Renata comments: “People who use acids to treat acne or other problems should not use this hair removal method because their skin is sensitive.”

5. Is it normal to feel itchy skin after using cold wax? Yes. The dermatologist explains why this happens: new hairs need to pass through the skin to be born. If it is right after epilation, the itchiness appears because the skin is a little more sensitive and slightly irritated.

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Renata reinforces the question of the method being more painful. People more sensitive to pain may not be comfortable with this type of hair removal. So it’s worth testing it on some less sensitive part of your body, like your legs, to see what you feel.

5 harms of cold wax

Although practical, because it does not need to heat up, cold wax has harmful effects. Renata mentioned the main ones. Follow:

  1. Ingrown hairs: the dermatologist explains that “the cold wax can make the hair more ingrown by not using the heat. The heat dilates the follicles and decreases the chance of ingrowing. ”
  2. Most painful method: Renata mentions that, because it is not heated, this type of hair removal usually hurts more, as it does not dilate the pores and prepare the skin.
  3. Difficulty of use in curved areas: the dermatologist also explains why this happens. The disposable tissue or paper used to remove the wax can tear more easily and not remove all hair. Thus, it is necessary to pass the wax more often, which can result in reddened and irritated skin.
  4. Stains after folliculitis: “They can occur due to the inflammatory process of folliculitis, causing post-inflammatory hyperchromia”, explains Renata. In addition, the infection can be a consequence of ingrown hairs.
  5. Dry out the skin: according to the dermatologist, the problem is easily explained, because “the hot wax usually has emollient agents that moisturize the skin. Cold wax doesn’t. ”

Did you know all these details about cold wax? Now you know what parts of your body you can use without fear. Enjoy and check out other homemade hair removal methods to remove your hair on your own!

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