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Do you want a practical stretching technique to make your nails always beautiful? Just bet on polygel nails, as they have great durability and an incredible result. Next, learn more about this type of stretching with the explanation of Joelma Oliveira, a specialist in the polygel technique.

What are polygel nails

According to Joelma, polygel “is an acrylic paste” that combines the strength of acrylic with the lightness of the gel. Like any other stretching, polygel nails need maintenance after 20 to 30 days, but the professional emphasized that “the time depends a lot on the growth of each client’s natural nail”. This type of elongation allows you to “use gel glaze or normal glaze” to leave your nails with an amazing result!

How are polygel nails applied

Studio Joelma Nails

Polygel nails have a procedure similar to other types of stretching. First, the process starts with the preparation of the natural nail, using “the dehydrator, the adhesive and the base coat”. After that, it is necessary to take it to the “dry cabin, remove the gum from the product and apply the paper mold to the nails”. Thus, the nail is ready to receive the polygel layers. Joelma said that when making the layers, he creates the curvature and shape of the nail with a clip and always uses the cabin to dry the product.

To make your nails beautiful and resistant, the specialist makes two layers and then finishes the process by glazing. According to Joelma Oliveira, polygel nails have no contraindications and can be done at home, as long as you have the correct materials, but she recommends stretching be done by a professional.

Best polygel nails

For stretching to be successful, it is essential to use a quality product. Nothing like accepting the nomination of someone who already works in the field, right? Therefore, Joelma recommended three brands that she uses and approves:

  • Cuccio: for this brand, the product I recommend is the preparer. It is used at the beginning of the process, after the nails are filed. It is responsible for dehydrating the nails and creating a base for stretching.
  • Nails 21: the protagonist of the stretching is the polygel, which is why it is essential to be a quality product. The Nails 21 product has a great finish, durability and is easy to handle, fulfilling its task successfully.
  • D&Z: to make your nails beautiful and colorful with a gel nail polish, Joelma recommended the D&Z brand, as it has a great color chart and good durability.

If you are afraid of the product damaging your natural nails, rest assured! For the specialist “what damages the natural nail is the way the person removes the stretch, especially using the teeth”. Therefore, it is important to choose a good professional so that the maintenance and removal of the stretching are done correctly without harming the natural nail.

20 20 photos of polygel nails to adhere to this technique right now

Polygel nails allow you to vary in shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Below, check out some ideas and find an option that suits you:

1. Polygel nails will make your routine easier


2. Because it’s perfect for those who dream of long nails

Polygel by Kat

3. And loves eye-catching enamel with a beautiful finish

Polygel By kat

4. But nothing prevents you from opting for the basics

Zoppi space

5. Choosing a versatile and elegant shade

Iiris Halme

6. The polygel extension looks like this after application

Studio joelma

7. Then just glaze as you prefer

Foxy Beauty

8. You can match different colors

hella blond

9. Make innovative designs

Sophistication Salon

10. And vary in shapes, such as the oval nail

Melina Nail Design

11. Or leave the nail square shape

Vivi Master Divas

12. Matte nail polishes are very chic

Polygel By Kat

13. You can include the shine in the design without overdoing it

Tin JB

14. Happy faces are perfect to make everything more fun

Thamires Nails

15. Unleash your creativity when choosing nail art

Tin JB

16. Even the stiletto format can be reproduced with this technique

Polygel By Kat

17. No need to save on size

Aida Hairdresser

18. If you prefer, just paint the tips in the French style

Lady&Bella Enamel

19. Or complement it with a glittery glitter


20. Either way your nails will be even more wonderful!

Azin Nail Art

You can already see that polygel nails are perfect for those looking for a resistant and beautiful stretch. Now just save all your ideas in an inspiration folder and schedule a time in the salon. Enjoy and check out other decorated gel nail ideas and create amazing art.

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