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by Erika Balbino

On 06.09.21

Stretch marks are the great villains among women, they can cause embarrassment and even self-esteem problems. However, there are techniques such as camouflaging stretch marks that can reduce their appearance. Check below the explanation of the dermatologist Dr. Gláucia Wedy (CRM 164495), from the Carvalho Concept clinic, about the types of camouflage, care and risks of each method.

What is stretch mark camouflage?

According to the dermatologist, stretch marks arise due to stretching of the skin caused by pregnancy, weight gain, genetic predisposition, skin hydration and diet. Dr. Gláucia explained that “stretch marks occur on the skin, in both men and women, and are formed by the disruption of elastic and collagen fibers. Camouflage is a method to minimize the appearance of these stretch marks”. For the professional, “the ideal is always to promote collagen growth in the region, giving more sustainability to the skin”.

Stretch Mark Camouflage Methods

Next, learn about the main stretch marks camouflage methods mentioned by the professional and how each one works:

aesthetic tattoo


This method aims to pigment the streak with an ink tone closer to the person’s skin tone. According to the dermatologist, “the procedure covers white, purple or reddish lines and must be performed by a trained professional, as if the color of the ink differs from the patient’s skin color, a permanent stain will remain in the tattooed region.”

In addition, Gláucia warned that “inconveniences exist, so if the person is exposed to the sun, the tattooed area will not tan and will be evident”. As the procedure is similar to a common tattoo, the dermatologist informed that it can only be removed by laser.



According to Gláucia, “this technique promotes the production of collagen in the streak, so it will be less deep and less enlarged.” This procedure brings great results in a few sessions, but the amount will depend on the patient’s individual response, such as the type of stretch marks, skin characteristics and age.

Each session lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be done with devices such as the roller and the MMP. It is important not to expose yourself to the sun after each session for about five days.



Dr. Gláucia reported that some types of lasers such as fractional, ablative (CO2) or non-ablative (erbium 1540) can be used to promote collagen production in stretch marks. “The ablative laser penetrates the skin reaching deeper layers, while the non-ablative laser is smoother and the patient does not need to interrupt her routine”, explained Dr.

The doctor informed that “the ideal is not to expose yourself to the sun during the treatment” and that the number of sessions and duration of the technique will also depend on each patient and the response to collagen production.

Retinoic Acid Peeling


This procedure is done by applying a topical medication to promote collagen production in stretch marks and stimulate the filling of skin layers. “The choice of medication concentrations should follow under the guidance of a dermatologist, as high concentrations should be applied in the office”, warned Dr. Gláucia. The time of application of the technique will depend on the characteristics of the stretch marks and “the ideal is not to expose yourself to the sun during the treatment”.

Dr. Gláucia highlighted that “factors such as age, skin phototype (skin color), previous history of altered healing, use of medications must be evaluated and considered for the best choice of treatment”. Therefore, it is essential to consult a dermatologist to verify if the stretch mark camouflage method is applicable for your case.

Learn more about stretch mark camouflage

Below, check out videos with more information about the technique and experience reports of people who underwent the procedure:

Microneedling streak camouflage technique

In this video, professional Heitor Cruz shows how the microneedling procedure with roller and dermapen is done. In addition, he talks about the importance of the professional mastering the technique to avoid damage to the patient’s skin. Watch the video to find out more!

Stretch Mark Camouflage with Aesthetic Tattoo

Watch in this video how the camouflage is done using the skin color pigmentation technique. YouTuber Taiane Araújo also has some tips on the necessary post-procedure care to achieve satisfactory results.

Result after one month of stretch marks camouflage

In this video, check out the result after a month of cosmetic tattoo procedure to camouflage stretch marks. Watch the video to learn more about the youtuber Taiane Araújo experience!

It is worth emphasizing the importance of performing any stretch marks camouflage technique with a professional who has mastered the technique. Thus, the procedure will be safe and you will have good results! Enjoy and learn more about oil for stretch marks to keep your skin hydrated.

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