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Those looking for more natural products to care for their hair and skin, a good interesting choice is to opt for vegetable oils, such as carrot oil. This product has a composition that is rich in vitamins and nutrients that provide incredible benefits. Check below the explanation of the dermatologist Dr. Anelise Dutra (CRM-SP 130495) about the use and benefits of carrot oil.

What is carrot oil?

Carrot oil is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins and carotenoids. As it is a natural product, it is used externally on the skin or hair and has a series of benefits. Read on to learn more about this oil.

3 ways to use carrot oil

See below the 3 ways to use carrot oil recommended by dermatologist Anelise:

1. In the hair


According to the dermatologist, the oil can be applied to any type of hair, including frizzy and curly. She recommends diluting with water before applying directly. In addition, he explains that it can be used as a repairer for ends, along with a hydration mask and to moisten the hair. As for frizzy locks, Anelise points out that it can be used, and points out that “in frizzy hair it will be even more beneficial, as this type of hair tends to dry out. Thus, the continuous use of oil strengthens, moisturizes and protects, in addition to shaping the curls.”

2. For stretch marks


Carrot oil can be used to care for stretch marks, to help soften them, but the dermatologist advises “dilution of the oil, as pure has risks of irritation and skin allergies.” She cites coconut, jojoba, and sweet almond carrier oils to dilute. As for the application in stretch marks, it is best to use a small amount and make circular movements, to help spread the product, explained Anelise.

3. On the skin


Anelise says that it’s okay to use the product on the skin, it can even be applied to the face. The only question is “be careful not to leave the skin orange or stained, for that, use a small amount of oil.” She also recommends using carrier oil or thinner, to facilitate application and, in the case of the face, apply directly over wrinkles and expression marks.

Did you like to know these three uses for this product? Dr. Anelise also commented that the oil is a great natural rejuvenator, as it helps to nourish and hydrate the skin and hair. Read on to learn more about the subject.

Benefits of Carrot Oil

The dermatologist also cited five incredible benefits of using carrot oil. Check it out and see how it is worth including the product in your routine:

  • Anti age: according to the dermatologist, the antioxidant action is the main responsible for this. She claims that the oil is a natural rejuvenator, due to beta-carotene and vitamin C, present in its composition.
  • Natural moisturizer: “in hair, vitamin a is responsible for helping to strengthen and hydrate the threads”, explained Anelise. On the skin, vitamin C and other nutrients have a high hydration power.
  • Healing action: the doctor states that “the oil can be used to help heal small wounds and even burns.” Still, always in small amounts and diluted.
  • Fights oiliness: “both in the skin and in the hair, carrot oil is a great ally in combating oiliness” commented the dermatologist. This is because the product is quickly absorbed by the skin and helps with oxygenation and natural secretion.
  • Anti-inflammatory action: “The antioxidant properties present in the oil help to treat skin diseases, especially those caused by the lack of vitamin A”, explained Anelise.

There are many benefits offered by carrot oil, don’t you agree? Keep reading the article to know how to do it at home and if there are contraindications for its use.

How to make carrot oil

How about making your own oil? Check out the videos selected especially for you and choose your favorite.

Carrot oil without burning

With just two ingredients, grated carrots and olive oil, you make your own oil. You need to put it in a pot with a lid and refrigerate for up to 72 hours.

Braised carrot oil

This walkthrough also uses just two ingredients, but it’s important to sauté the grated carrots over low heat until the oil turns orange. Then let it cool and strain.

carrot oil with sugar

Also called carrot honey, sugared carrot oil is used to make hair grow faster. Watch the video to learn the recipe for this powerful oil that only takes two ingredients.

Now that you know you can make the oil at home, enjoy all the benefits of using it on your hair and skin.

Care and contraindications

According to Anelise, there are no harms in applying carrot oil to the skin or hair, the only precaution is to always use a small amount and dilute it with transporting oils or moisturizing creams. “Adverse effects can arise if the oil is ingested, so it is important to consult a doctor you trust before betting on this alternative.” completed the dermatologist.

Removed all your doubts about carrot oil? Now you can fearlessly include it in your skin and hair care routine. Enjoy and find out what is the best oil for dry hair.

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