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More than just a hairstyle, faux locs represents beauty and a lot of power. They are called fake dreads and have gained fame and made the head of women in Brazil and abroad. Read on to learn a little more about this wonderful applique.

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What is faux locs and why you should adhere to this wonderful style

A quick and easy way to grow dreads, faux locs is nothing more than synthetic, fake cornrows. Neyde Jordão, from the Afro Londrina salon, explained that the history of dread goes back a long way. “Dreads appeared in Peru in the years 200 to 800 after Christ. It started with the priests, who left their hair long, but it was with Bob Marley that dreads became more popular”, said the hairdresser.

According to Neyde, Jamaican natural dreads represent a form of resistance. She explained that dreads “were a form of identification, a religious trend, a social, political and economic struggle. They represented a lot. But nowadays, it is a way for people to show their look and, in a way, also represent a social layer, a struggle and resistance through their hair”.

With this re-signification of dreads, faux locs appears as a simple, modern and practical way to have your hair dredged.

How is faux locs done


The application of faux locs is simple, but requires some special care. According to the hairdresser, the application is made with Kanekalon hair, jumbo or any hair that you can leave in a long, round and cylindrical shape, as if it were natural dread.

“The application is made from a root braid and these dreads can be made with a crochet hook or rolled into the hair one by one, but with the synthetic dread already ready”, commented Neyde Jordão.

“The faux locs is a synthetic dread that is attached to the hair, not necessarily with a crochet hook to braid it. But it can be passed through tweezers, a crochet braid needle. This appliqué will stay for two to three months and can be removed without cutting the hair and there is no need to squeeze the root, as it is not placed directly on the person’s hair, but through the root braid”, he explained Neyde.

Questions about faux locs

Some questions are quite common when it comes to faux locs. For example, how to care, how to wash, what is the average price and so on. Do you want to clarify these doubts? So, check out the professional’s explanation:

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1. How long does it last?

Neyde Jordan (NJ): “The average duration, if using the crochet braid method, is two to three months. But if they are done in a covered way in the hair, the duration is a little longer, about two to four months”.

2. How to wash correctly?

NJ: “It’s like washing your natural hair with shampoo and conditioner. I always recommend not using products with jaborandi, aloe vera and keratin, because they dry out a little and don’t moisturize. So, I always ask to use products with ceramides and shea butter, which are creams that will make the hair looser and more untangled”.

3. What is the average price?

NJ: “The investment is usually around R$300.00. Maintenance, on the other hand, must be done every three months and, normally, an amount of R$ 150.00 is charged”. But remember that the price may vary depending on the professional and your region.

5. Is faux locs bad for the root?

NJ: “No! They actually help with growth, as it is braided from the root of the person’s own hair and then these fake dreads are ironed. As it is a rooted braid, this is the braid that grows the most. So, actually, it helps to grow.”

With these basic cares, you can keep faux locs beautiful and stylish. Remember to do some research before deciding which method you will prefer (crochet braid or cape), as well as the type of hair you will apply, ok?

How to make and care for faux locs

Enjoy the excitement and check out the best faux loc videos on YouTube! Below, you will find tips on how to put this hair at home, basic everyday care and some simply wonderful hairstyle ideas:

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How to make faux locs at home

Do you want to make faux locs simply and without too many complications? So, watch the full video of dear Carol Soares and learn the right step by step on how to apply this beautiful hair at home!

How to make faux locs without nagô braid

In this tutorial, Jacy Carvalho teaches how to apply faux locs without nagô braid. You can use the synthetic hair you prefer and in the color you like best. The tip is not to use elastic at the root, as it can be harmful to your hair’s health.

How to make faux locs in the crochet braids method

If you like to try out new methods of how to apply faux locs, then the suggestion is to check out this super complete tutorial. In the video, you learn how to make hair using the crochet braids method. See how easy it is, you’ll just have to pay a little more attention when splitting your hair.

Hairstyles for faux locs

Now that you already know different ways to apply faux locs, how about investing in beautiful and charming hairstyles? In this video, Ritha de Kassia teaches wonderful ways to fix your hair braids in your daily life. Check out options for various occasions and rock!

How to wash and care for faux locs

Want to learn the basics of taking care of faux locs on a daily basis? So, watch the video and see how to wash properly. Plus, check out extra care tips to keep your hair just flawless!

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As you can see, taking care of faux locs doesn’t have many secrets. You just need to keep a simple routine and do maintenance every three or four months. And of course, take the opportunity to invest in beautiful hairstyles.

10 photos of faux locs to change the look and rock every day

A mix of tradition and modernity, faux locs has been making Brazilians and gringo minds alike. Want to get ideas for beautiful and super different hairstyles? So, check out this list of photos so you’ll be dying to join faux locs right now:

1. How about investing in a super modern and beautiful dreadlock?


2. For those who like to innovate, faux locs is a great bet


3. You can vary a lot in length, color and texture

Miami/broward stylist

4. This type of application looks beautiful on any woman

Angela The Stylist

5. And it has had the greatest success


6. Because it’s a very versatile technique


7. The tip is to bet on a model that suits you

Ska Phace

8. And that matches your style


9. After all, faux locs is synonymous with beauty and power

Studio Slay By Tammy

10. So, play yourself and be even more wonderful!


Impossible not to fall in love with faux locs, isn’t it? Enjoy and also check out these beautiful ghana braids ideas.

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