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By Vanessa Fenelon

On 14.05.21

Body shaming is the practice of making someone ashamed of their own body, through verbal attacks that judge or ridicule their physical appearance. To better understand how this occurs and how we can deal with the problem, we spoke to behavioral psychologist Osmarina Vyel (CRP 0 / 40178-5). Follow below:

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What is body shaming and what is its damage

The expression “body shaming” comes from English and can be translated as “shame of the body” or “shaming the body”. It consists in the act of attacking someone verbally because of their physical shape or appearance, which can be very harmful to those who are the target of these offensive and inappropriate comments.

Psychologist Osmarina Vyel explains: “Unconsciously the person imagines himself in a way, and a disappointment arises in relation to what he is in reality. Then there is the degradation of the image of this individual who aspired to be different ”.

“From the point of view of psychology, people seek to be inspired by someone. When that someone does not come up with what is expected, frustration comes. These attacks generate very serious damage for those people who need self-assertion. ”, Comments Osmarina.

How body shaming is reproduced: from the past to the present day


“Since the world is a world, the human race seeks perfection. Just look at the Roman and Greek stories, among others. With that, self-esteem became associated with the body. With the development of social media, the search for the production of the perfect image was intensified and we became a consumer product. ”, Explains Osmarina. “Due to the lack of awareness of the good and the beautiful, this unhealthy model still remains.”

The psychologist also comments that anyone can be a victim of body shaming. “Attacks can occur at parties, in the family and in general exposure to the public, but today they occur more frequently on social networks – reasons for many complaints in psychological offices.”

The nuances of body shaming and how it manifests

Although anyone can be the victim of criticism, attacks and jokes about their appearance or physical shape, we know that, in our society, women are much more likely to be victims of aesthetic pressure. This is a consequence of the objectification of the female body.

Osmarina explains that, influenced by advertising and fashion trends, we bought the idea that we should desire the perfect body and enhance the physical, leaving aside who we are, our behavior and our interior. “In my view, we are still going to suffer for a long time until these distorted values ​​dissolve.”

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“There is another important aspect, which is the human characteristic still little conscious, which needs the approval of the other, allowing to enter this universe of comparisons. These are still childish behaviors, due to little knowledge of oneself. ”, Concludes the psychologist.

How can we deal with body shaming


“The more the person seeks self-knowledge, the greater the chances of not suffering this type of attacks. They can even occur, but the person will not let himself be overwhelmed by the expectations of the other in relation to himself, because each one must follow the model of life that he believes to be better.

In addition to knowing how to deal with body shaming as a victim, it is also essential to be careful not to reproduce the offensive and undesirable practice and comments. In this sense, the psychologist comments: “The challenges of each one along the path of life only concern that individual. With that insight, the person will be able to stay healthy even when exposed to the public. ”

Looking at your own body with care, accepting it and loving it, is the first step towards being less vulnerable to damage from aesthetic pressure and body shaming. To get started, get to know these 15 profiles of women who are out of the ordinary, but who exude beauty and are pure inspiration!

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