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The herbal bath is an ancient and ancient practice. A study pointed out that the first records of the baths are from India, dating from 2000 BC In Brazil, they are commonly used in religions of African origin, in shamanism and in different aspects of witchcraft. Keep reading and understand more about it.

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What is the herb bath for

An herbal bath can be used for different purposes. To clean, energize, attract prosperity, self-esteem and more. At the end of an herbal bath it is common to feel a sense of relaxation or more energy. Below are the main uses.

Cleaning and unloading bath

One of the most popular baths is cleaning and unloading. The herbs most used in this case are rue, eucalyptus, sage, basil, cloves and rosemary. It is also possible to use coarse salt in some cases.

Bath for prosperity

Prosperity can be ritualized with the help of an herbal bath. We can use bay leaves, cinnamon, marigold, yellow rose and other yellow flowers. In African religions the yellow color refers to Oxum, orixá of abundance and prosperity. Yellow is also the color of gold, so plants of this color can be used in attractive baths.

Bath for self-esteem

Self-love can also be strengthened with an herbal bath. We usually use flowers to address this issue. The most used are roses, of all colors, jasmine, geranium and hibiscus.

Bath to energize

When the energy is low and there is a lot of tired feeling, an energizing bath may be ideal. In this case we can use rosemary, thyme, pitangueira, fragrant spices like cloves, star anise and cardamom and even fruits like orange and apple.

Bath for love

Love in its different definitions can be worked with herbal baths. Charming baths can be made with roses, hibiscus and other flowers or red fruits to make room for the arrival of love. But lavender, chamomile, mulungu and other calming herbs can also be bathed to strengthen family love and dissolve fights.

Herb baths can be made for different purposes and these were just a few suggestions. Knowing the magical properties of herbs and using intuition is essential to know which ones to use in baths.

How to make herbal bath

In some religions, only those in charge can prepare herbal baths. However, they can be done by anyone, even those who do not practice any religion or belong to others who do not. Anyway, it is necessary to have the knowledge of the herbs and also consecrate before preparing. So, with the herbs already established, check out the step by step:

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Set aside time without interruptions


Make sure you are not interrupted while doing your herbal bath. It is a moment of your own, in contact with the wisdom of herbs. If you wish you can light an incense and set up an altar in your bathroom with the items you have: candles, magic objects and whatever you want.

Prepare the infusion

Mayara Benatti

Heat between 500ml and 1l of water, when it boils, turn off the heat and add the herbs. Cover and leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes. In the meantime, take your toilet bath as usual.

Mentalize your intention while taking the herbal bath


When you finish your hygienic bath, throw the bath from head to toe. While playing, mentalize your intentions. They are the ones that will make the purpose of your bath flow with the help of herbs. If your bath has coarse salt, throw it from the neck down. Some religions also do not allow the use of the herbal bath on the head, in which case the belief is respected and the herbal bath is used from the neck down.

Respect your process


It is common for herbal baths to clean and flush cause sleep after being done. Therefore, set aside time when you can rest, for example, before going to sleep. Those who bring energy can wake you up and you can feel super willing to do many things afterwards. Therefore, it is essential to respect your process and accept the feelings and sensations that arise afterwards.

The disposal of herbs


After doing the herbal bath you have three main forms of disposal. The first is to dry the herbs and when they are dry, smoke your house with them. The second is to return it to the land as a form of thanks. But if none of them is possible, you can dispose of it in organic waste.

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If you are learning how to work with herbs, this step by step can help you start preparing your baths. Otherwise, a good option is to buy your ready-made bath, made by herbs that have the knowledge.

In addition, this step-by-step is just one way to make herbal baths, from the infusion. In addition, it is possible to do by decoction and maceration. Check out the videos in this article to better understand the different ways to prepare baths.

5 tips to facilitate the preparation of your herbal bath

The wisdom of herbs in spirituality is extensive and much is not written, as it is a more oral than registered tradition. However, a few simple tips can help you get started. Check out!

  • Amount: 5 tablespoons full for every liter of water is a good amount, but there is no right amount. Use your intuition to put a little more or less than that. If you use more than one herb, remember to divide that amount between the herbs.
  • Variety: do not mix herbs that have very different properties. For example, lavender and mugwort. In addition, for those just starting out, the best thing to do is to prepare baths with just one herb and after more experience, try to combine herbs in the same bath.
  • The moon and the baths: the waning moon is the ideal stage for cleansing, detachment and banishing baths. The new moon is ideal for baths that favor the beginnings, that bring strength, focus and joy. The crescent moon for expansive baths, whatever you want to grow, will grow more at this stage. The full moon is ideal for attractive baths, of gratitude, love, intuition, among others. Although the moon is a factor that influences the baths a lot, you don’t have to do just these phases. Just don’t ritualize the moon’s energy. Instead, you can ritualize the sun’s energy, for example.
  • Best times: cleaning baths should be done preferably before bed or at times that do not need to give off energy after the bath. Expansive baths are better in the morning or midday, avoiding before going to sleep. For others, any time, you can follow your intuition to decide.
  • Fresh or dried herbs: the two baths have the same properties, what changes is the method of preparation. For fresh herbs it is necessary to macerate and let them “soak” for a few hours before preparation.

Working with herbs is also working with intuition. There are fundamentals, but they are not rigid and intuition has a very special place in the preparation of baths.

Learn more about herbal bath

Finally, videos are also great ways for you to find out about herbal baths. Check out more ways to do the bath in addition to the one listed, some magical purposes of herbs and also the history of this ritual.

5 ways to make herbal baths

This video is a complete lesson on herbal baths for beginners. In it you will learn about quantities and 5 different ways of preparation. Watch the video to understand which is the best for each type of herb.

Herbs and their purposes

One of the most important steps to learn how to make herbal baths is to know the purposes of most of them. From this video, you can even search for the ones you already have at home to prepare. Check out the video and find out which are the best herbs for love, cleaning, prosperity, among other purposes.

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The history of herbal baths

To work with herbs it is also essential to know the ancestral traditions behind them. Thus, it is possible to honor this ancient wisdom and deepen knowledge. Watch the video and find out.

In addition to written content and videos, to learn about herbs you can get information with herbs, healers, even an elderly woman from your family may have this knowledge to pass on to you. And if you are interested in the subject, also check out how the tarot can help you get to know yourself better.

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