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By Liz Santana

On May 9, 2001

Mixed skin is well known for being neither dry nor oily, which confuses many people who have these characteristics. So, to answer your questions about treatments and care, we talked to dermatologist Nandara Paiva (RQE 30902), who will explain more about this subject. Follow the story.

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What is mixed skin


According to Nandara, “this is a type of skin that is oily in the T zone and drier on the periphery of the face”. For her, “the person who has mixed skin needs to be aware and know if the external area is drier and the center of the face is more oily. When she starts to treat, the two areas start to become similar, the oiliness decreases and the dryness improves ”.

Characteristics of mixed skin

Mixed skin also has its own peculiarities. “Characteristically, she has more open pores in the center of the face and may have blackheads in that region. In the area outside the T zone, you can have sensitivity and easier to spot more ”, says Nandara. Therefore, we list other important details for you to know, according to the dermatologist:

  • It is neither oily nor dry: “Because of that, you can’t do the same type of treatment on your entire face. The skin can be dry on the outside and oily on the inside ”;
  • Oiliness in zone T: “The area in the center of the face tends to be more oily, so it deserves those acids more regularly and hydration with light products”;
  • Sensitivity and ease of staining outside the T zone: “This is a more sensitive area, which stains more and can be easily irritated”;
  • It has more open pores in the center of the face: “The skin in the center of the face tends to be more oily, mainly on the nose, forehead and chin because of the pores that accumulate more sebum”;
  • You may have more carnations: “The T zone is more likely to have blackheads and pimples, among other problems that can harm the skin”.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, having a skincare routine is one of the solutions for those who are treating mixed skin. So, check out some skin care tips given by the dermatologist.

Care for mixed skin

According to Nandara, “the biggest problem is to identify this type of skin and then separate the typical products for each area. It is not difficult, but it requires attention in relation to the skin’s response and the limits for the application of the products ”. For you who have mixed skin, we have listed some basic care indicated by it for you to have initially.

Invest in hydration

“Good hydration can make your skin look lighter and maintain its beauty. In addition, the patient can avoid scaling problems, premature aging, dryness and irritation. So, the ideal is to use specific and different moisturizers for the body and face, oil free products ”.

Use tonics

“Toners for combination skin can help regulate excess oil and remove sebum. The patient with mixed or oily skin must choose this product with care so as not to have the rebound effect ”.

Reduce enlarged pores

“Keeping the skin clean from external and infective agents during the day is very important. The person must clean the skin at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. Who has mixed skin, should choose specific soaps, which favor the unclogging of the pores and cleanliness ”.

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Apply face masks

“Face masks promote significant changes in all skin types. They have the function of lightening, exfoliating, purifying and moisturizing. But the ideal is to consult your dermatologist before choosing ”.

Use sunscreen

“Over time, excessive sun exposure can cause the appearance of spots, wrinkles and spots on mixed skin, not to mention cancer. So, when leaving, it is essential to use sunscreen and choose the right times, between 10 am and 4 pm ”.

“It is worth saying that the area in the center of the face deserves greater attention, as it tends to stain more. So this place deserves investment in acids and hydrations ”, completes the invited dermatologist.

The best mixed skin products

According to Nandara, there are several products for mixed skin. “I generally recommend soaps that are light, that are not astringent and that don’t have a lot of acids. This serves precisely to prevent mixed skin from becoming more dry, sensitive and unprotected ”, he says. Check out some options of products ideal for those who have this characteristic.

1. Liquid soap, by Darrow Actine – $$

Actine liquid soap promotes facial cleansing. It cleanses acneic and oily skin, removing impurities and unclogging pores without drying out. The product also has salicylic acid associated with aloe vera extract, which promotes a soothing and refreshing action. Therefore, any type of skin can benefit.

“What stands out the most is the freshness, as it looks very intense. (…) So, it works well on my skin, it has worked well, I liked its cleansing function, it achieved with praise. ”. – Beauty Tour

2. Aqua Rich UV Sunscreen, from Bioré – $$$

This Bioré sunscreen is ideal for all skin types, as it has a light texture and does not leave the face sticky. It is refreshing and has assets such as royal jelly extract and hyaluronic acid, which hydrate the skin and leave the feeling of freshness after use. However, it is necessary to touch it up during the day for the action to be more efficient.

“It is a creamy texture, half gel, tastes good, it is smooth on the skin and we feel that it is not plastered or a crust on the skin, as many protectors do.” – Gabi M Makeup

3. Avène thermal water – $$$

Thermal water is a great option for those who don’t get along with facial moisturizers, or who have skin problems. This is a versatile product that can be used on a daily basis by any skin type, after sun exposure or after depilatory.

“I confess that I thought this thermal water story was a“ freshness ”or a trick to get our hard-earned money out. It really soothes the skin and helps to reduce redness. ” – Laura Ferreira

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4. Renew Hydra Clinical Facial Moisturizer, by Avon – $$$

This night moisturizer has hyaluronic acid, a transparent gel texture that dissolves on the face. The ideal is to spend a reasonable amount until the skin absorbs completely. The result is a shiny and hydrated skin. It is worth mentioning that it can be used from dry to mixed skins.

“I really feel my skin is very hydrated, even the next day. When I wake up my skin is extremely soft and I also notice it is more radiant. ” – Gabi Vasconcelos

5. Effaclar Anti-Age La Roche-Posay Serum – $$$$$

This product has the function of reducing facial wrinkles, controlling oiliness and leaving the skin with a more regular texture. Anti-aging improves skin luminosity and controls signs of skin aging. In addition, it is an acid that can be used in combination and oily skin.

“This is a product that I really feel the difference. When I have the most coarse or ugly skin, I apply this product, I use it again for several days in a row because I feel that my skin is much thinner. ” – Bianca Izalberti

Finally, Nandara also points out that in order to recommend certain products, it is essential to know the patient and know his purchasing power. The ideal is to indicate a treatment that is accessible, that is, this is very individualized. And if you want to know how to take better care of yourself, check out these routine skin care tips to look more beautiful.

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