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The benefits mentioned above can be obtained through five steps: cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating, nourishing and toning the skin.

Risks, care and contraindications of ultrasonic peeling

Anelise reported that “the procedure does not require prior preparation and does not usually harm the skin, but it can cause slight redness in the first minutes after application, but they disappear quickly. It is advisable to avoid any type of makeup, hair dye, going to the pool or sauna and to do vigorous exercises in the first 12 hours after the procedure. In addition, after the session it is recommended to use suitable sunscreen ”.

Ultrasonic peeling is contraindicated for people “with pacemakers, metallic prostheses, pregnant or lactating women. It is also not indicated for those with sensitive skin, pustular and viral skin diseases, acute inflammatory skin diseases (inflammatory phase acne, rosacea, psoriasis, chronic dermatitis), facial nerve palsy, trigeminal neuritis, acute sinusitis, kidney and biliary calculus , and cardiovascular and oncological diseases ”, warned the dermatologist.

More questions answered

Then, Dr. Anelise answered some more questions about the procedure. Follow:

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1. How long does the ultrasonic peel last?

Adenise Ramos (AR): “The procedures take around 30 to 60 minutes, and must be performed monthly”.

2. How much does ultrasonic peeling cost?

AIR: “The average cost is 40.00 per session”. Remembering that the price may vary according to the region and / or professional.

3. Does ultrasonic peeling peel?

AIR: “Ultrasonic peeling does not usually peel”.

4. Are there any post-procedure side effects?

AIR: “It does not usually give side effects, but mild and transient hyperemia may occur in the immediate post”. In addition, as previously mentioned, it is necessary to carry out basic care after the procedure, such as avoiding trips to the pool and using the sunscreen.

5. At what frequency can it be applied?

AIR: “You can do it once a month, respecting the appropriate frequencies for each area – lower frequencies for deeper tissues; medium for areas of the face, muscles and thinner skins and; larger for very sensitive regions, such as the area around the eyes ”.

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It is essential to consult a qualified professional to perform the technique properly and safely.

Videos about ultrasonic peeling

For you to understand how the procedure is done, see the videos below that talk about the technique and demonstrate the precedence. It’s worth watching!

Skin hydration with ultrasonic peeling

In this video, you can see the step by step of the skin hydration step with ultrasonic peeling. If you still don’t know how the technique works, watch the video and check it out!

Ultrasonic peeling on acne-prone skin

The technique is one of the allies to treat acne and mitigate scars. Press play and check out how the treatment is performed on acne-prone skin!

Skin cleansing with ultrasonic peeling

Another great benefit of the procedure is to assist in the removal of impurities and dead skin cells. This ensures improved hydration and absorption of therapeutic substances. Cleaning the skin with the device is completely painless and brings good results. Watch it!

There are several types of aesthetic treatments that guarantee good results in the treatment of the skin. Enjoy and get to know capillary peeling, another procedure that takes care of the health of the scalp and hair.

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