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Thais Dutra Sá

By Iara Avelino

On May 23, 2001

Brown tones are on the rise again, celebrities and bloggers are adhering to the varied colors that brown hair has to offer. If you want to achieve the brown of dreams, check out the selected tips and bet on this change:

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dark brown

Easy to care for and timeless, this is one of the most popular shades of brown. Dark brown can be achieved with 3.0, by Cor & Ton, or 300 by Haskell, for example. The shades of base 3 are the most ideal for those who want to arrive in the darkest shade of brown.

Annelise Black

Medium brown

A versatile tone that will leave the tone a little more closed, giving a lighter light. To get that shade, you should bet on base 4 coloring, since brown tones are among the base colors from 3 to 6.

Camila Coelho

light brown

The base colors 5 to 6 are much closer to the blonde. If you want to bet on a light brown tone, these are the ideal colors. So if you want something brighter, the light brown tone is ideal.

Thais Dutra Sá

Natural brown

A versatile, bright and passionate tone. To achieve this more natural tone, bet on 4.0 based dyes. Thus, you will get a very charming natural brown.

Aléxia Marina

Grayish brown

In addition to the most common shades, you can bet on a more differentiated brown tone that has been conquering a lot of people. To get the grayish brown tone, you can bet on the variant shades, such as 5.1.

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Suu Braga

Chocolate brown

The shade of brown more for chocolate is a very charming shade and comes out a little more traditional, natural brown. To reach that tone, the 6.7 ink is great.

Bruna Mariani

Copper brown

You can come in a coppery brown color with tints like Kamaleão Color or Koleston’s 674 Copper Chocolate, for example. It is a shade that you can get even if you have red hair. It is ideal for those who want something more alive and a more radical change.

Joyjah Estrada

Thus, the shades of brown are perfect for those who want to bet on a versatile and easy care color. You can even give a lit with highlights or lights to give a look up, but the brown by itself is already an inspiration. Get more inspiration with brown hair.

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