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Just a search on the internet or quick visits to drugstore chains, to find several options in anti-acne soap. These variations exist to meet the different needs that oily skin may require. In this matter, the dermatologist Dr. Fabíola Tasca (CRM / PR 20.830 – RQE 12.891) clarifies doubts and helps you to understand how the anti-acne soap works. Check out!

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What is the anti-acne soap for?

Skin with acne needs some specific care and cleansing is the basis of this process. The anti-acne soap contributes to skin renewal and oil reduction.

“Anti-acne soaps, in general, are made from substances such as sulfur, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, propolis and zinc. They promote skin renewal and, at the same time, decrease the excess of the horny layer, a factor directly involved with the appearance of acne. ”, Explains Dr. Fabiola.

Hydration since cleaning

It is also worth mentioning the importance of moisturizing agents in the composition of anti-acne soap, according to the dermatologist, studies show that acne is an inflammatory disease that is linked to oiliness, and also, with a rebound effect of soaps that clean too much and end up drying the skin at the time of cleaning.

Before investing in skin care products, look for a dermatologist you trust. The professional of your choice will know how to advise you which option is best for you.

6 tips for choosing the ideal soap for your skin with acne

Some factors must be taken into account when choosing the best anti-acne soap for your skin. Dr. Fabíola gave 5 tips that will help you when choosing the product:

  • Pay attention to the composition: give preference to anti-acne soap that has, in its composition, substances such as: sulfur, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, propolis, zinc and green tea, as they are essential for skin renewal and oil control.
  • Choose soaps with moisturizing agents: anti-acne soap with moisturizing agent in its composition, avoid drying the skin and this care is essential for those who suffer from oiliness. Soaps that do not have this hydration end up cleaning the skin in excess and causing the oil to rebound, which is when the body responds to dry skin and produces more oil.
  • Trust the Syndet acronym: some products can harm your skin, so when choosing your anti-acne soap, check the packaging for Syndet and choose these. They are the safest, do not irritate the skin and also offer less chance of dryness.

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  • Bar and liquid soap: among the soap options offered on the market, the bar ones tend to dry out the skin more, compared to the others. It is indicated for cases of extreme oils. And this diagnosis happens after consultation with a dermatologist.
  • Include micellar water in your care ritual: “I always advise my patients to use micellar water on their skin and then the liquid anti-acne soap that has the acids indicated in the composition”, says Dr. Fabiola.
  • Consult a dermatologist: talk to a specialized professional before choosing the products, they will know how to indicate the best options for your skin type, in addition to identifying what are the necessary care for you.

According to the Code of Medical Ethics, doctors cannot name product names or trademarks for any mass media. The professionals’ indications are serious and need to be done with control and responsibility, therefore, to bring quality products, test and reports from some digital influencers about the most commented products on the internet are listed below.

The 10 best anti-acne soaps according to content creators

Creators of beauty content are always testing the latest releases and, also, products with good reputations. And based on their experiences during use, they tell the public whether the product is worth it or not, for investment. So, below, are the 10 best anti-acne soaps, according to them:

1. Anti-acne gel soap needs – $

According to the manufacturer, the anti-acne needs soap deeply cleanses oily or acne-prone skin, has anti-acne action preventing blackheads and pimples, in addition to reducing the oiliness of the skin and unclogging the pores. In its composition it contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

“It cleans very well. And it doesn’t foam either, if you’re used to those soaps that make a lot of foam, you might be a little uncomfortable. It helps a lot in fighting acne and yields a lot. A product that is very worthwhile. ” – Camila de Souza

2. Dermovitin Control anti-acne bar soap – $$

Its composition is ideal for very oily skin. The product promotes hygiene with a refreshing sensation, oil control, helps in the prevention of blackheads, in addition to having an astringent effect.

“It is really the best I have ever used. You do not feel the skin tightening and it also helps to keep the skin free from pimples. ”- Mariana Dino

3. Uniform & Matte Garnier Facial Soap – $$

The uniform liquid soap Uniform & Matte, cleans without damaging the skin.
Its texture is light, creamy and yields a lot. It removes oiliness, moisturizes and offers the feeling of clean skin.

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“You don’t feel your skin is scratched when you put the soap on your face. It is very moisturizing. The skin is very clean. ”- Fran Barreto

4. Hidrabene facial soap – $$$

Hidrabene’s face liquid soap was developed to remove impurities in a delicate way. Its combination of assets promotes prolonged and deep hydration. Improving the appearance of the skin.

“The line in general is very quiet, which does not cause problems, cleanses the skin, fulfills the function and has a very nice price” – Monalisa Nunes

5. Acne Proofing Neutrogena Cleansing Gel – $$$

Acne Proofing cleansing gel cleanses the skin, reduces and treats acne deeply, without damaging the skin’s natural barrier. Its composition contains maximum concentration of salicylic acid.

“It cleanses the skin without leaving it dry, pulling” – Carol ramos

6. Actine liquid soap – $$$$

Combats acne and greasiness, unclogs pores, thoroughly cleanses and contains dermoenergizing actives. The soap is hypoallergenic. Free of parabens, dyes and alcohol.

“It is that type of soap that foam and yields a lot. With a little bit of it you can spread it all over your face. And the result after use, on my skin, was clean, very fresh and dry skin. It is that product that I immediately feel like applying the moisturizer. Of course, everyone has a skin type and the reactions can be different. ” – Rita de Cassia

7. Natura Chronos – $$$ Purifying Cleaner

The anti-acne soap was developed with ingredients that clean deeply, but without harming the skin’s microbiota. It regulates sebum production and also unclogs pores.

“It really does a thorough cleaning, only gently.” – Luciana Vilela

8. Sallve Facial Cleaner – $$$$

Anti-acne soap free of sulfates, which deeply cleanses the skin without causing dryness. It is hypoallergenic and vegan.

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“It is a very delicate cleanser, but you feel like you are deeply cleaning your skin, unclog your pores and keep your skin hydrated.” – Bianca Camargo

9. Effaclen anti-acne soap concentrate La roche – $$$$

Effaclen Concentrate by La Roche is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Its formula was developed especially for Brazilian skin and contains substances such as Salicylic, LHA and Zinc PCA.

“This product is very good. It actually removes the oiliness. The price is Ok, there are cheaper soaps on the market, but this one does what it promises and is worth every penny. ” – Bianca Izalberti

10. Vichy Normaderm Phytosolution Facial Cleansing Gel – $$$$$

It promotes the reduction of acne and greasiness. Cleans the skin and pores deeply, without harming. Suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.

“After you take the soap off, the skin doesn’t tug. He controls oiliness in the same way that others do, but I thought he helped my pimples a lot. ” – Bruna Guedes

Anti-acne soap is essential for your care routine, so be sure to identify what your skin needs before investing in a good product. O dermatologist is the most suitable professional to help you in this understanding.

Now that you know how the anti-acne soap works and know the most talked about products among content creators, consider including this care in your routine. It is never too late to start skincare, especially if your skin is oily. Following the right recommendations with discipline can bring many benefits to you and your self-esteem.

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